1. The news
Please, let us know about the events in your ogranizations, projects and all around it. The better way to do it is to write it and send to us. We prefer to get printed information. Your info may appear on the site or to be in further processing. Sending many information with less sense in it you may cause little attention to you as from the edition and from the readers.
2. The publications
The editor has no special requests to your education, your place of job and your social status, but we expect your publications match to principles and practice of the free press.
3. The reviews
Printed, audio and video stuff for the reviewing in Real Art are accepted on any formats. The opinions of reviewers are not final and probably may be changed. However, before making the desision to send your stuff to Real Art, please, accept the stile and the manner of our reviewers, to avoid unpleasant situation.
The stuff that may degrate a person in race, national or gender way won't be reviewed.

Warning! Having noticed abnormally constructed phrases and turnovers, be indulgent - there are no englishmen in RA edition. We'd be very thankful to You, if you can write us a letter about our inaccuracies and mistakes (and may be specify the correct variants). Mail to: Realart@mail.ru "translation".


Just imagine that you are sitting somewhere on the end of the world, in some shitty America, you open your Internet Explorer and immidiately you are in more richly world events and news. Make Real Art Magazine your start page?

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