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.theburningseason. 7 song's demo (http://www.theburningseason.net; tripl3starz@msn.com)
Young trio from Minneapolis (USA), gathered from the splinters of three local groups (Tripl3, Thr3at and Words Of Grace). Play, rather successfully combining melodism with powerful energy, strongly brazed a mix of punk, hardcore and emo. Probably, due to that it is absolutely not professional record, I liked their sound - a little bit dirty, crude and, that refers to, "alive"!
By some data, the band give exciting performances - with this demo this fact can confirm.
(Most of all I liked the moments when they three start to shout - it is a real screamo!!!)

12 Summers Old "When The Romance Ends" (Anomer Records; 1408 Sangamon Apt. C, Belleville, IL, 62221, USA; twelvesummersold@hotmail.com; www.anomerrecords.com; www.12summersold.com)
A debut album of the young collective from Illinois (were formed in 2002). Despite of not clear for me attachment these basically quite good musicians to pop-punk, the album is not so hopeless... (though, looking at these dots, it is difficult to hope on any prospect).
Well, I hope you've already understood - all is very melodious, rather fast and "hit" - especially in refrains when they start to echo to the basic vocalist. Interestingly, but even within the framework of one song the group manages to make pleasant on hearing maneuvers from a mild hardcore to thoughtful and even sad indie. And due to the presence of two guitarists, the sound of 12 Summers Old is rather dense and from time to time reminds even Husker Du during their best times.

Albert Fish "Strongly Reccomended" (Anti-Corpos D.I.Y./Zerowork Recs; www.anticorpos.no.sapo.pt; www.albertfish.no.sapo.pt; albertfish@clix.pt)
Somehow even a word has not been told while reportings of Russian TV from the championship of Europe on football from Portugal about their local punk-stage!... And if to judge from this band it was a mistake!
9-songs CD with driving and hit street-punk with a precise ideological and political lining. Texts are in English, and if not hardly-formulated singularity in the melodic intonations peculiar to groups of Spain and Portugal, you would hardly distinguish them from leading Oi!-bands from Britain or the USA!
One of the tracks - "Handfull Of Nothing" - applies for opening of a new style - surf-Oi! - he-he, it is actually an excellent composition...

Alcoholic Helltones, the s/t7'' (Helltunes Records; www.helltones.com)
The most powerful punk-and-roll in the performance of the Texas quartet hardly will leave indifferent both admirers of the "initial" garage punk and also the amateurs of aggressive punk-rock. As a reference point of one of three songs it is recorded... no, not "Loui Loui" but "These Boots..." - I hope, you still do not have Frank Zappa's syndrome...

Alcoholic Helltones, the "Trashed" 7" (Helltunes Records; www.helltones.com)
Having accept in a band additional female vocal the quartet has grown up up to a sextet. Besides in the musical plan influence of the Cramps ("Blow Up Baby") and even of the early the Stooges ("Porno Queen") became appreciable.
In general, due to use of two guitars their sound finds extremely punk density, and in a combination with a rigid rhythm and rock'n'roll chords the mix turns out quiet explosive.
Search for a complete album!

Alex "Hey You" (Flat Out Records; www.forecords.com; studio@foinc.com)
Debut album of the founder and president of Flat Out Records. Alex was born in France; grew up in Holland and the USA. Since young years he played in the band (Sirusa), now he writes music to films, various audio effects and produces his own albums. Most of all this release has reminded me a history with found records of The Beatles... In this case - it is as if someone has dug out in certain place the cassette with self-made recording of English post-punk-band of the end of '70, then it was well restored and released.
Well, certainly, the sound is very much modern, the electronics - is unostentatious, but all is present... It is unimportant...
With such amateurish spontaneity and sincerity musicians do not play and do not sing nowadays. Everything - from melodic mood of the album and up to words in the booklet, from musical flaws (the majority of songs Alex executes himself!) and up to simple, human intonations of Alex create an impression of something very correct and fair, absolutely absent at musicians from major-labels. It is pleasant to me.

All For Nothing "Start At Zero" (The Netherlands - Europe; www.afn.nu; info@afn.nu )"
Debut 8-songs CD of a quartet from Netherlands. Here is a difference between the European and American punk-hardcore! Having taken the best that possible from the modern collectives from the USA, these guys have added something that makes them much more interestingly.
Well, certainly, it is the fast rigid hardcore-punk reminding at once some groups from the Smorgasbord Records. Plus the powerful choral refrains, dual guitars going by a solid wall and constant changes of a rhythm (quickly - slowly, quickly - slowly). Certainly, to read about it not so exciting than to listen to this disk, but I hope that I've convinced you that it is a very rigid and serious group.
Texts are in English - plus!
But in the booklet are absent - minus!
Yes, they have great malicious melodies (no happy- and pop-core here!!!), which due to the fascinating refrains (as I have already told, they shout in all drinks) get in your head for a long time!...

Always The Runner s/t (Myla Records; 435 Lovers Lane, Baton ROUGE, LA 70806, USA; alwaystherunner@yahoo.com; www.alwaystherunner.com)
For some reason, when speaking about instrumental music the first on mind there come such styles as surf and embient. My surprise increased when under the cover which has been made out in a spirit of the Christmas collection, I have found out a disk with completely other maintenance. Not surf, and especially not embient. In general, it is somewhere in the middle between puzzled tricks by Robert Frippa in his Leaque Of Gentlemen and soft, almost lulling sounding of Karate.
The dual guitars, keys, bass and drums, various electronic effects (not climbing, however in your ears - this band has real "alive" sound!) and very rare, almost in two songs, use of a vocal - their music is very emotional and perfectly charges with powerful and, at the same time, very much counterbalanced, energy.
In the last song ("Don't Kill the Messenger") the musicians of Always The Runner "leave" simply in any grandiose-solemn drive, resulting the listenners in a real uncontrollable delight!
Unexpected, atypical and not disposable group.

Ankylym "Ketchup" (Stauropygial Records; http://ankylym.ru/stauropygial/; rp@freeshell.org)
The punk-answer to NOM! They are extraordinary impudent, desperately courageous (sometimes one flows in another - I mean "The Summary of the Organistic Theory of the State") and are indefinitely interesting! The word of honour - is possible to make new directions of "nonstandard" music of half of songs from this album ("Komi mountains", "Disco" (it is a hymn of the disco-punk!), "Suomi Finland Perkele" etc.), and the album sounds very much completely and stylishly (in the best sense of this word).
I should note high workmanship and rather refined arrangements (but it is not so in all the songs...).
I admit, it was very much pleasant to me...
PS: what idiot has solved that in music Dadaism should sound as something gloomy and sad?!

Anna & the Psychomen "Wild Mama" 7" (MaxParolini, Via Settembrini 20, 20124 Milan, Italy; http://www.psychomen.org, headquarters@psychomen.org)
He-he, on one web-site in the Internet (I won't tell you on what exactly) this Italian band was named pop-punk combo!!! Idiots!!! Fans of the pop-punk- I offer you to shot yourselves - on this vinyl you'll hear drive mix of the punk of the '70 and garage: fast, aggressive and incredibly hit! Each of the three songs of this release ("Wild Mama", "Kill the Brain and You Kill the Ghoul" and "You're Nothing But A Stupid Girl") is a potential hit that happens not frequently as you may agree...
Well, an excellent 7"! I am waiting with impatience for the whole album.

A.N.S. "The Pool EP" (www.txosans.com; defaced@musician.org)
I think, you as well as I concern to groups from Texas - "by default" well! (And I prefer not to notice bad bands. Certainly, prejudicedly...). This collective has convinced me of fidelity of my judgements - they are from Texas and they play magnificent music!
The fair, fast and aggressive punk-hardcore made not without influence of such classics as Big Black, Ill Repute, DI, JFA and even Dead Kennedys (at what else punk-group you will see nearly the names of TSOL and Dick Dale in a section of gratitude?!!! As well as at DK, A.N.S. mix their music with surf-elements, and the composition "Attack Of the Reaganauts" would honour any surf-band!)
Besides that, A.N.S. faultlessly follow DIY-ethics and have made 5 releases already!
(something sad: in my opinion, it is rather immodest to paint the booklet with inscriptions such as "Texas Style" and "Texas Old School"...)
Half an hour of powerful energy and pleasure! I recommend!

Antismart "Just A Promo" (Lubomir Dvorak jun.; P.O.Box 39, 5280Braunau/Inn, Austria; bastardbookings@gmx.at; www.antismart.net)
The Austrian trio was formed already in 1994! By the present moment have recorded 3 albums and had a lot of concerts (also with the commercial scarecrow for the children - Biohazard!)
Firstly I "have spat" at this disk - well, how many times it is possible to play similar obscenity - pop-punk in a spirit of Green Day, with trousers full of happiness and a voice interrupting from overflowing delight!... (how many exclamation marks will you put in this review?)
However... (here, on idea, the reader should be intrigued and begin reading with enhanced attention and interest)... At repeated, closer listening, I have noticed some details which have allowed me to attribute Antismart to more decent company of punks-groups. First, they have absolutely "not American" rhythm-section (it has very-very much reminded me different English punks of 70th years). Second, they are not so sugary and, marvellously, are rather vigorous and aggressive. Thirdly, Antismart has really good melodies (no syrup) and quite good arrangements. Truthly I do not know, how to perceive the last song from this disk - a ballad made almost in accoustic key is it is quite possible to leave it for any American rock group.
The resume: I shall not be surprised, if in the near future they, as they say, "will make everyone!"...

Any Questions? "Prey For Death" (Floating Fish Studios; troll@floatingfish.com; http://www.floatingfish.com)
Very interesting release - it's cover looks like CD of some death-band, the contents - like Depeche Mode suffering from constipation and arguing about life, death and other very important things.
It is possible to explain other-wordly minimalism of expressive means with the conscious act of musical castration, with the year album was recorded (1992).
Quite probably this CD will find it's amateur.
PS: Before this album A.Q.? has released 6 CDs, 2 videos and 1 CD ROM!!! Probably, I've started to listen it not from that end...

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fruchttanz Und Artverwandte Orgien "Fisch Zum Fruhstuck" (Archegon; c/o Guenter Schroth, Raimundstr. 100, 6. OG, 60320 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; www.archegon.de; archegon@t-online.de)
Presence in the name of the band a word of "orgy" has forced me to take advantage of the dictionary and to translate this sentence completely. (Unfortunately till now I still don't know German language!). Nothing special.
Yes, if you yet haven't understood that it is the next project by Gunter Schroth, the chief of Archegon label, the preacher of so-called barcode-music and the leader of the crazy formation Six And More. Besides in this recording also participated Claus van Bebber (working with vinyl), electronician Tobias Schmitt and Antonia Grote-Schroth, who took duties not connected with making sounds on herself.
Generally, Gunter Schroth in his works does without unexpectedness - it is guaranteed that you will hear radical improvisatory music crossed with noise, electronics and academic avant guarde. This album didn't become an exception. However, in this case we have an opportunity to take pleasure in interaction of three completely different approaches to music, I even would tell - three concepts - after several interviews with the modern musicians read by me on the web-site by Rui Eduardo Paes, I haven't already trust in something like that!...
Powerful, oversaturated with events and emotions music (nothing reminding porridge - every sound is on it's place and behind everyone the alive person is seen. Probably, it is because some persons made this record - if one make all this alone - the sound dump would turn out!), after which there is a fantastic feeling of emotional overheat and strong brain stimulation
The disk has been recorded in two days - I would give much to participate on this orgy!!!

Asobi Seksu s/t (c/o Keith Hopkin, P.O. Box 3277, Long Island City, NY 11103, USA/www.asobiseksu.com)
Very very beautiful pop-noise (it is insulting that nobody any more will be indignant with the use of a similar word collocation now...), melancholic up to craziness!
It is quite naturally that at a mention of pop-noise the readers have direct associations with never dying leaders of this music style - Sonic Youth! In this case I have conducted analogies to a couple of other more interesting bands, from my point of view : Blonde Redhead and Swirlies (recollect their "Brokedick Car" released on the Taang Records).
The blended vocals (man's - James Hanna, female - Yuki Chikudate), extremely cautious usage of keys, excellent job of the guitar player (excuse me - the guys from a rhythm-section: you have made everything very cool but, to be honest, without the special discovering... Stephen Griesgraber - bass, Keith Hopkin - drums).
If Asobi Seksu lived not in NY but in Seattle - they would be the favorites of Kill Rock Stars Records.

Aspect "Honda Joe Files A Kite" (Mudball Records; PO Box 1054 Salem, OH 44460, USA; www.mudballrecords.com; http://slack.vze.com; mikecosma@toast.net)
A new album from practically not classified formation, headed by Michael A. Cosma. As against the previous releases which have been recorded basically by a duet with Justin Frederick, in this record also Wendi Kistler (vocal) and guitarist Joe Pasch took part - the sound became more sated and various.
The album is interestingly arranged: first it seems, that the musicians simply do not know what to do. On a background of conversations and retorts there is something reminding soundcheck or warm-up ("I Like That", "I Never Used One Before Today", "Les Claypool's New Side Project"). To the fourth song the musicians start to control the situation and it reminds some kind of jam with Can, Black Sabbath and Jimmy Hendrix ("Victory"). Approximately from the seventh songs ("String On the Floor") the degree of schizophrenium only grows (name it heavy kraut if you want) and here the album starts "to cling": start to like it's fucked up atmosphere, a la drunk Can, and gloomy, almost Sabbath's reeves. Listenning up to the song "Gypsy" I've understood that I love this band very much and that it is a real punk-rock.
Long ago I saw an old number NME, the end of the '70th. It was almost entirely devoted to punk-rock. I was struck with advertising of a new album of group Can - on the whole page. And, it has been particularly directed on a punk-audience (there were listed a lot of addicted to Can known punks and it was ascertained, that Can have started to play punk-rock already in the 60th years). Since then I quite often imaging any 15-years Watty, desperately listenning for the fifth time to "Tago Mago" and searching punk-rock...
I am afraid, that such quite good collective as Aspect, can be not understood by a significant part of potential listenners also.

Aspect "Deeper" ep (Mudball Records; PO Box 1054 Salem, OH 44460, USA; http://slack.vze.com; mikecosma@toast.net)
The duet consisting of Michael A. Cosma (guitar, bass, vocal) and Justin Frederick (drums). In spite of the fact that traditionally all duets play improvised not-understand-what (Sabot, Les Halmas...), the musicians of Aspect have gone a little on other way: things they play, I could classify with great difficulty as psychodelic rock with elements of metal and jazz improvisation (- and they also do!...)
Excellent sklls of playing, vocal which sounds like if to press down Genesis P-Orridge with a pair of mattresses and really gloomy atmosphere of all three songs... The second track, by the way, is the most original remix of "Electric Funeral" by Black Sabbath (- I've spoke already that BS is possible and it is necessary to replay!).
The last composition ("Jazzpect") - almost a 7-minute improvised rebus, fine illustrated uncommon musical thinking of the participants of this group - I am ready to listen to such things for hours!!!

Aspect "Ulav Engau" ep (Mudball Records; PO Box 1054 Salem, OH 44460, USA; http://slack.vze.com; mikecosma@toast.net)
Puzzled metallized psychodelic-rock with even more unchained improvisation than on "Deeper". From time to time it even reminds the rigid kraut-rock mixed with almost Frith's improvisation - really, sometimes, on a subconscious level, the "presence" of Fred Frith is appreciable.
Five tracks for 22 minutes fly by instantly!
As I've already marked earlier, all musicians has magnificent skills of playing and uncommon musical thinking, that in similar music is a huge plus.
Very promising band! (As for me, I shall personally listen to their any following release with a huge interest ... After Can and before Butthole Surfers.)

The Astroglides "Channel Surfing With..." (www.astroglides.com; astroglides@hotmail.com)
Judjing from this disk, contrary to reportings of the Russian TV not all Israelis are occupied with destruction of Palestinians...
The band was formed in 1997 and has already had time to release two albums ("Penetrate With..." and "Fondling With..."), having got a reputation of rather professional and unexpected collective from the point of view of creative ideas.
In spite of the fact that musicians position themselves as surf-core-band, I wouldn't begin to narrow a framework of their creativity!... (I remember, how I carefully searched for traces of core in the first record by Agent Orange that has reached me!!! I haven't found any...)
Certainly, in comparison with the majority of surf-bands, some songs of The Astroglides sound very hardly and aggressively (there is plenty of hardcore here!!!), however, in many songs there are also symphonic moments (-!!!), and national colour (don't be afraid you will not hear "Seven - forty" here!...) and typical for exotic-surf exotic and traditional, non-standardly sounding, instruments.
As it follows from the detailed summary enclosed to a disk, the album is based on music from the American and European telecasts and films of the 60 - 70th years shown on the Israeli TV 20-30 years ago. It is interesting that their own compositions by The Astroglides are not out from the general concept of the album and do not concede to numerous cover-versions.
The best tracks are: "The Adventures Of Rabbi Jacob" (from the same film with Louis De Funese, written, by the way, by our compatriot Vladimir Cosma) and their own "Kabbalah Fucker" and "Dark Surf".

The Astro Zombies "Mutilate, Torture And Kill" (Nova Express; 21 Chemin des Carrieres 71150 Chagny, France; Kaisernova@aol.com; www.theastrozombies.com)
This compact disc will force you to start mad dancing or to beat off a machine-gun rhythm with all your hands and feet! French psycho-trio The Astro Zombies released their third album on one of the most authoritative lable connecting with rock-and-roll Nova Express in France.
An excellent without any flaws skill of playing with rather difficult compositions for this style (especially the rhythm-section!), gloomy, sometimes oppressive atmosphere and practically punk drive from the beginning and up to the end of the album!
A pair of things are played in so-called psycho-instro-and-sometimes-even-surf-manner ("The Lute Number", "Screamers" and "Fort Chabrol"), sometimes it is practically turns into powerful punk-hc with elements of psychobilly ("You Are Shit", "My Ennemies' Eyes", "Social Life" - he-he, typical names of songs for a psycho-band, aren't they?). Sometimes, for example, in the song "666 Racing" there is some metal intonation a-la Motorhead forcing to remember about The Gecko Brothers' "Stop Bitchin'... Start Drinkin'!" - we've recently wrote about them.
A lot of friends of mine have already stopped to listen psycho long ago - they wonder what else interesting can be there - only all and the same for 20 years!... I think in the near future they would change their opinion.
PS: I've liked a song "Bertha Lou" - a mix of ska and psycho, with Cramps-like vocal and crazy solo on the keyboard (LUCAS TROUBLE HIMSELF!!!) and the guitar - "Light my fire" by The Doors looks like a virgin near it!

Austin Lace "WAX" ep (62 TV Records; Thijs Van Den Broek, Advocatenlaan 22, 5324 Al Ammerzoden, Holland; www.62tvrecords.com)
Fellow countrymen and friends of John Wayne Shot Me, play since 1997 (-!!!) also are going to release only the second album (-yes, it is not America with its rigid schedule - to tear your ass but to release an album each year!).
Very much it was pleasant to me! There are only five songs - not so much, however... What is interesting, playing rather ascetic indi-pop these guys goes crazy in mad arrangements and, the most important - in amazing, "touching" melodies! On mood, execution and all other things it is very similar on Blimey! "Less Summer Than Some" - the magnificent project of one person - Martien van Bergen! Though, if at him dadaism dominated, at Austin Lace indie occupies the first place diluted with dada madness.
"Danielle Knows" - for such songs people remember the band and like for all life! (-pay attention to the guitar in it!!!)

Balthasar Gerards Kommando "A Dutch Feast" (Alternative Tentacles)
The 46 songs compilation of the legendary HC-formation from Holland: their albums "Jonestown Aloha", "White Male Dumbiance", "Nothing Can Go Wrong!", plus two songs from the Dutch compilation of the '83. The substantial booklet: introductory article by Mykel Board from Artless, texts and original covers from their albums.
An ideal gift for the music fan adoring fast aggressive HC with brightly expressed political directivity.
P.S.: classics!

Beezewax "Oh Tahoe" (Houston Party Records: C/Padilla 305, bajos 08025 Barcelona, Spain; www.houstonpartyrecords.com)
The third album by Norwegian indie-pop-quartet.
Probably, it is good, that even in Norway there is a collective, with inconceivable enthusiasm and extreme professionally playing "the real American college-rock"! A couple of silly students somewhere from Boston arrive on a vacation in Oslo, all day they admire the beauty of local fjords, and in the evening, having washed from seagull's shit, they go to the best club of the capital on a Beezewax concert.
- Wow! Cool!!! - Joe says. - Look, in Namibia there are cool bands!
- Yes, Bro! - Steve assents. - It is exactly as that plays in our college on all holidays!
In a couple of years on some party Joe will tell a story about how being somewhere in Europe, they with Steve had got two prostitutes at the Buzzcocks concert... The extremely ungrateful public.

Blimey! "Less Summer Than Some" (Partners in Crime: PO Box 7573, 5601 JN Eindhoven, Holland; www.partners-in-crime.nl; www.blimey.nl)
It may sound very sad but America is still very far away from producing suck kind of music... Trying to analyze the feelings appearing in my head while listening to this CD I want to tell you sincerely: I've never tasted something of this kind! Well, by order...
First of all, it is practically a project by one person - Martien van Bergen who plays all the instruments himself and has a very penetrating vocal;
secondly, in this album such classics as Tuxedomoon, the Fall, Velvet Underground are quoted with extreme delicacy and respect ("My friend called Murder" - it is possible to record it as a bonus track to VU & Nico!!!);
thirdly, apparent minimalism at a close listening appears the careful and original approach of the author to the arrangements.
Despite of huge disorder of various moods, feelings and emotions in this album, after it there is a sensation of something really kind and close - rare feeling recently.
So, in my collection of impressions a new brilliant have been appeared (and there are not so much at me!), whether this is the happiness?...
PS: Whether casually or not, but listening Blimey! reminded me the German Trio.

The Blue Flames "Drivin 'N' Dyin' In Texas" (Voodoo Valley Records; www.theblueflames.com; theblueflames@yahoo.com)
Garage punk-band from Texas with female vocal!!! (I've read it and my heart starts to sing from delight!...) Brilliant followers of the Cramps, Gun Club and certainly Empress Of Fur (we'll return to the last band once more...)!
Gloomy and high-quality punk-garage (Blackie - a guitar, Lil'J - a bass, Johnny Seven - drums) with powerful vocal of Kayce (leaving in forsage on Nina Hagen's frequencies!) and also back-vocals of both Elsa and Typhane - a very touching mix of aggression and sexuality! Besides the careful attitude of the band to "canons" of a genre is worthy respect: on a disk there are almost 7 cover-versions ("Bad Indian", "White Rabbit", "Don't You Love Another" etc. Including almost initial variant of "Johnny Voodoo" by those famous Empress Of Fur! Whan will Britain answer then?)
Besides I was devilishly lucky: I have seen the video clip by The Blue Flames on the song "Bad Li'l Girls" by William Hell as a director - Lux Interrior can envy!!!
Real art!

The Boonaraaas!!! "Go Get Goo Goo" (ThunderWoman; www.thunderbaby.de; info@thunderbaby.de; www.boonaraaas.de; allgirls@boonaraaas.de)
Sometimes there are such wonderful moments when the similar bands appear - this moment is very rare in the time of general unification and epidemic of an atrophy of a brain...
So, five young girls play fast, extremely driving and on really HIT (from the 16 songs there isn't any common one!) garage punk-rock! (- You may wonder: Well, there were many and will be even more bands about which similar words were written...)
Now I shall explain all to you. They have extremely fascinating melodies and constantly on the second plan very fashionable in the punk of the '70s choral "u-uo-ooa-a" goes (I hope you have understood what I ment! With great pleasure I have immediately joined these choruses...). The band has touchingly amateurish attitude to performing technics (recollect the groups from Kill Rock Stars in the beginning of the '90!!!), and even their voices by the fragility remind teenage singing... However, it does not prevent them to execute really difficult and fast things with drive to which any fucking hardcore band would envy! From the beginning of the album and up to the end they, not reducing rate for one minute, play punk rock-and-roll and simultaneously penetrate with the sincerity, touching and spontaneity into the heart!
You can accuse me in exaggeration, it's your business, but The Boonaraaas!!! have a soul and listenning to this music you want to live!!!
The resume: It is necessary to fall in love with them!...
PS: as a bonus on the disk there is a clip on "Bad Girl" (isn't it a familiar name?)

Branded Women "Velvet Hours - Stolen Moments" ((Spinefarm Records; Arkadiankatu 14 B, 00100 Helsinki Finland; www.spinefarm.fi; www.brandedwomen.net; tapio.hopponen@spinefarm.fi)
A debut album of rather interesting band from Finland. In structure - four girls (Katja - v.; Salla - organ; Joanna - g. and Julle - b.) and the drummer (Timo), that probably also has served as the reason of that the sound of this band is so atypical for a modern garage stage (I would attribute Branded Women to it), that firstly you are simply lost!...
Branded Women on mood, melancholies and some latent aggression came closer to Slumber Party. However, if the last band had a typical for Kill Rock Stars "self-made" sound, in this case we have the highly professional, extremely sated sound a la Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited!
Don't think that it is an album with easy semi-garage, semi-psychodelic songs! Sometimes musicians become outright ("Worth Living"), and by depth of feelings and experiences remind the Doors (here, I think, generally is a merit of the most magnificent vocalist Katja) and Velvet Underground.
The most beautiful and sensual garage lately!

Brighter Than A Thousand Suns (OSK; po box 64, 109147 Moscow, Russia; oldscoolkids@yahoo.com)
Emo-HC-reincarnation of Steve Albini!!! The most brilliant playing (the most pleasant is the party of a solo-guitar - sometimes rather unexpected and unpredictable), disgusting vocal (for some reason many bands inspired with Albini's creativity demonstrate such vocal a-la enraged Michael Jackson!), complicated rhythmic figures and extremely rigid style borders (it is not casually that all 8 songs go nonstop in one track)...
Near Shellac Brighter Than A Thousand Suns is so noisy and hysterical; in comparison with eclectic Big Black (-!!!) it is ultimately purposeful and unequivocal!
I know several guys which will put this album in their Top-10. There are not many of them, however their musical erudition and tastes are so that the band can consider their task to be executed! (Well, they were not going to storm radio and television with this CD!!!)
Resume: the best music from Russia for the last couple of years! (Are you still listening to Tattoo?...)

Butler, Gary "My Bach's Worse Than My Rechabite" (Hear Here! 20 Gasnier Road, Barrack Heights NSW 2528 Australia; hearhere2002@yahoo.com.au)
If Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser became boring to you, you have ripened for the next step (where does this way only conduct?)!
On a card applied to a disk it is written: Gary Butler (the artist formerly known as the artist formally known as Doctor Deaf), and lower: Guitar, Toys and Stupidity.
In general, the album also consist of three plays representing "alive" improvisation on a guitar, toys and various noise and real dust (parts of the phrases, some monologue and hardly understandable sounds).
It is listenned - on HURRAH!!! Fairly, I have received a great pleasure from tracking a flight of fancy of the actor taking both ordinary, and simply improbable sounds from such a banal tool, as a guitar! From time to time from a chaotic sound heap unexpectedly rhythmic and melodic fragments "come up", that only strengthens fantastic appeal of the album. The last third track is recorded together with Greg Kingston - not less authoritative guitarist on an avanguard stage.
I think, that this music much more interestingly and MORE VIVIDLY, than all ostensibly "alternative" stage, and especially more perspective!
Yes, whether it is necessary to mention, that Gary Butler acted in joint performances with such "stars" as Zorn and Mr. Bungle.
- One small detail - I didn't actually play with Zorn - I performed his composition "Cobra" in Sydney, and Mr Bungle played it with us when they visited Australia, but I didn't get a chance to perform it with the man himself (although our prompter Oren Ambarchi did have that honour). Gary

Cabaret Voltair "2*45" (Ars Nova)
Six songs of the cult da-da band during their post punk period.
Sometimes it is very close to the first 7's of Tuxedomoon, sometimes it sounds like if I've imagined the first albums of Ministry (that turned out to be pro-Depeche Mode shit!). Richard H. Kirk (the main ideologist of C.V.) impresses by his crazy guitar, saxophone, klarnet and keyboard solos! In general: noisy, moody, long and monotonously. I enjoyed this.

Canyon "Empty Rooms" (Gern Blandsten Records; gernbland@aol.com; www.gernblandsten.com; www.canyonrock.com)
I swear - I treat this label very benevolently (because the third of it's releases are familiar to me), I also want to tell, that I respect and I appreciate the work of the musicians who have recorded this album.
For this reason I also shan't write anything about the songs included. Excuse me. Definitely, it is not "my" music.

The Capsules 7'' (Isota Records; 1442a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com; www.thecapsules.net)
Two songs from the extremely sad and up to disgust abstruse trio. They are ideal as opposition to a uncountable tribe of the Californian pop-skate-ska-we-are-so-fucking-happy-to-live bands.
Well it is impossible to listen to it without tears!...See interview!

Cenobites "Secretum" 7''(Drunkabilly Records; Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com, www.cenobites.net)
In the past (2002) year Cenobites have quickly started with the debut album "Demons to some.... Angels to others" - a mix of psychobilly, punk and rigid HC-inserts. On outcome of this year the band can brag their new guitarist, a new web-site (www.cenobites.net) and, the most important, their 7" with three absolutely new songs.
The first song - "C.A.M." - good garage punk (slightly reminding Monomen) with the solo on the piano. The next is the "Bad Habit" - aggressive Metal-HC-psychobilly - rather gloomy thing...
"Halloween" - the last song with excellent guitar loss (a good example of the reasonable use of two guitars!) is melodiously close to Misfits and even to Sisters Of Mercy .
Three quite good guitar (LIVE!!!) songs - in a measure rigid, in a measure melodious and certainly rock'n'roll... Unfortunately, the circulation is only 500 copies. If it won't suffice to you - buy the previous album (it is necessary to listen to it in any case!) and wait for the high-grade following!
PS: it would be advisable to check up the web-site of the band - probably they will arrive in your city!!!...

Chronic Noise "Hard Metal" (www.chronic-noise.nl)
Something very strange! A Clone of Metallica from Holland. By the way, they play since 1994! I want to mention a luxurious package of this CD: the disk is packed into the smart golden colored box with the inscriptions Chronic Noise and Hard Metal! If you put it on your shelf it looks like a box of perfume or a package of expensive Swiss chocolate. I've expected something more...

Closer Than Kin "The Machineries Of Breath" (Punktuation Records / 400 South East 9th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316, USA / www.arcticmusicgroup.com )
This collective is not very clear for me.
They were formed in 2000 in Boston (from my opinion, it is somewhere in USA) and were self-declared as punk-HC band.
While listening to it - sounds like real HC (sometimes even like quite good HC - in a measure aggressive, with inventive arrangements and excellent engineering), but suddenly - ooops!... A very pop refrain with plaintively groaning voice (though they know how to scream!) and despond guitar solo. And in each song all this sounds very melancholy and sad (earlier in the reviews people wrote about it - the melody that touches your soul!). After this songs it would not be desirable to live and optimism from such songs does not increase.
You, guys, have to define yourself somehow...
On a disk there is a video clip - my eyes would not see it...

Coalition "The Ignition: From Friction To Fire" (Smorgasbord Records; http://www.smorgasbordrecords.com)
The band was formed in August 2000 from the members of two bands - "Resound" and "Varsity". In January 2001 N. recorded their first 7songs demo, the chief of the Smorgasbord Records Jeff Terranova accepted this record "on hurrah!" - heavy and melodious, their program was full of changes of rhythms and moods. I can recognize unconditional talent of the musicians. Considerably mixing such styles as metal, HC, emo and old school HC (youth crew?) they have created rather integral, in the style plan, program (madly huge texts!)

Cold Flesh Colony "Sanatorium" 7" (www.murnau.be; info@murnau.be)
The new project by Koen who ruled dancing noise-horror Murnau.
He has left not far. As usual - rhythmical Lo-Fi-noise with the heart-rending overloaded vocal; add some guitars - you'll get somekind of industrial techno-grind...
Serious radical music for the serious, prepared listenners.

Colin Michael Gagon & Nixon's 7'' (Isota Records; 1442a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com)
"Plastik Surgery" - is not very distinct psychedelic, may be if to add some more not adjusted guitars, penny whistles and locomotive hooters - it would turn out into Pere Ubu...
Absolutely another case is with "Central Control" - it is a combination of melodism and lyricism of the '60s with conceptual sloppiness a-la new wave/post punk (I mean those terrible records - such as the earliest the Fall!) - I liked it and my more captious comrades too.See interview!

Column One "Electric Pleasure" (90% Wasser Records; Schliemannstr. 13, D-10437 Berlin, Germany; Column One c/o Robert Schalinski, Danzigerstr. 110, 10405 Berlin, Germany; http://www.column-one.de; webmaster@column-one.de )
The band was formed in 1991 in Berlin, Germany. Having invited Genesis P-Orridge as the co-author of the debut album "Vis Spei", the band quite deservedly has got in so-called the Supreme league of radical ideological art. Having fixed their r"utation by numerous performances, installations and about - musical projects, Column One have managed not to lose their connection with reality and till now continue to release the most interesting musical albums.
"Electric Pleasure" is possible to present as the designer: the album is collected from cubes a-la Kraftwerk, as a solution Dadaism of Yellow is taken, and all this is painted in the color of Psychic TV that turn brains in a spiral. For the masking there is a "chill-out"-fog and robo-mechanic-romantic.
Their music is really non-standard but at the same time full of citations and hints from the classics of electronic sound.

Column One / Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg "Die Truhe Im Fluss" (90% Wasser Records; Schliemannstr. 13, D-10437 Berlin, Germany; Column One c/o Robert Schalinski, Danzigerstr. 110, 10405 Berlin, Germany; http://www.column-one.de; webmaster@column-one.de )
A vinyl split with the limited edition of 500 copies. The musicians represent for 4 pieces each: Euler-Donnersperg - something average between easy, a little gloomy ambient and lazy noise-set. By an idea, similar music should penetrate somewhere there and influence on subconsciousness, however unfortunately it has failed at me...
Column One - in this case they execute ambient of crazy Brian Ino. Constantly there is a sensation of presence of the transformed into robot Genesis P-Orridge. Such kind of music is more likely to me.

Comet Gain "Realistes" (Kill Rock Stars: PMB 418, 120 NE State Ave., Olimpia WA 98501, USA; www.killrockstars.com)
The 4-th album of not so stable London formation (according to the words of their leader - David Christian, more than 25 musicians have passed through it from the moment when they were formed (in 1993)).
To tell you the truth, my attitude towards the production of KRS - is very good ("default"). While unpacking a new disk of the band unknown to me, released by KRS, I precisely know: I'll hear the ORIGINAL music which has been not deprived, however, of "roots" and "tyings".
Just that case.
Easy indie-pop ballads ("Don't Fall in Love"), punk-hits ("My Defiance","Ripped-Up Suit!","Realistes"), Velvet's psychedelics ("Carry On Living"), mod's things ("The Kids At the Club","She Never Understood") - all is executed with an inimitable glamour and has ORIGINAL Comet Gain's sound.
PS: It is necessary to listen the previous CG's release - "Tigertown Pictures"!

Condkoi "Evilution" (Wonderlouf; 51, Grande Rue Saint-Michel 31400 Toulouse, France; wonderlouf@cegetel.net; www.wonderlouf.org)
From 12 songs released on the album we got only five promo songs for the review...
So, everything that is written below concerns only a part of the album - only five songs. We have no more to listen.
I'll tell you fairly if the whole album is like this then it is a FULL PIZDETS!!! As if to me in a room HURRICANE has rushed and sw"t all TO HELL!!! I haven't ever heard such bomb HARDCORE (the man who approve that he hates hardcore is writing this!!!) and, believe me, I would give much to visit their concert!!!
In a song "Dance" the moments becoming traditional for the french punk are very pleasant (I meen transitions into reggay with easy east smack. Is it possible to name Mano Negra pioneers in this plan?), however, this is even only an additional stroke on a background of the most magnificent record...
Unfortunately, the texts were not enclosed to a promo-disk. I hope, a theme of their songs are really important things...

R.W.Conway-Jones "Motormania" (www.conway-jones.co.uk; richard@conway-jones.co.uk)
CD - single of the English poet, the artist, the photographer and the musician, as though showing a five-minute reflection concerning modern pop (actually, on mood, music ideally corresponds to a photo on a cover - a night autobahn with a continuous line of rushing automobiles...). It has very much reminded the late Tuxedomoon - perverted, played on a synthesizer and piano sinty-pop with entering, but and not playing drums...
An ideal mix of pop, avant guarde, minimalism and electronics.

R.W.Conway-Jones "OK Sweden" (www.conway-jones.co.uk; richard@conway-jones.co.uk)
The high-grade album which has been written down by R.W.Conway-Jones under impressions from his visit to Sweden. Really, it has turned out to be cold, monumental embient with small stylistic deviations (an acoustic ballad "Sodermalm" with very beautiful guitar solo and very close to Tuxedomoon "Waking Up In the Vamlands").
The peak of an album, undoubtedly, a 12-minute composition "The Clouds" - multilevel embient with a mood characteristic for nordic electronic music.

Cornholios "Mi Minacci?" (Kimera Records; via Camogii 11 Interno 3 - Rivoli, frazione Cascine Vica - 10098, Italy; www.kimera.biz; kimerarecords@hotmail.com; cornholios@tele2.it)
This is an excellent example of how it is possible not to slide in a bog of melo-core-pop-punk, playing driving melodious punk rock!....
Don't take in head to be frightened! It is a magnificent release! No pop-component and other vile things! Strong, aggressive (in some way close to furious Oi!) and most remembered moment - rock'n'roll punk with enviable skills of playing and melodies in a spirit of the classical punk of the '70s. Some songs obviously apply for a rank of punk-hymns: "Diagorockin' 3", "Nothing Is Wrong" (with the piano that is very rare for such music!) and "Just To Say".
Among the names mentioned in the booklet in the gratitude section, I have found with satisfaction Dee Dee Ramone and Joe Strummer! As Barny from Incognito Records says: "If I have said "punk rock" it is punk rock!"
Certainly, this band is worthy all support!

Cortege "Punk Insideep" (Cored Age 100, Bld de l'Hopital 75013 Paris, France; http://www.cortegelesite.com; cortege@club-internet.fr)
A very interesting band! Playing, at first sight, good traditional punk-rock (somewhere the Clash, somewhere almost UK Subs), with any semitones and even at a level of intonations they create so non-standard punk that will stump any punk-snob.
Certainly, there are easily classified moments (reggae-inserts, elements of hardcore and Oi!, even the French language present in many songs at once associates with so-called "classical French punk-bands"), however all this is presented in so unusual combinations!... About melodies I shall tell only, that they simultaneously touching and... unusual... To tell the truth, for me this band is a very pleasant riddle - all is made very simply but because of any trifles the music is magnificent and non-standard!
One my comrade has named Cortege as French mix of Nomeansno and the Clash! I am, generally, disagree with him but what a comparison!...

Countach "Huge Rock" (Rock Mafia Records; Countach: 2632 35th Aves., Minneapolis, MN 55406, USA; www.countachrocks.com)
Three adult men from Minneapolis, Minnesota. At all apparent singleness, the sound of the band is really unique: it is a compilation of rock rhythms, gloomy rock'n'roll harmony and punk head / expression; the only similar band I can remember is famous Godfathers (in B.S.W.D. time). The technique of the playing is at a high level, the melodies are stored (and they are not pop!), and their drive and energy ( despite of leveled rate of all songs!) will be enough for 2 or 3 Devil Dogs.
P.S.: What is the manner to issue CDs with only five songs on it?!!! You can add some video or live concert recordings - don't be greedy!
P.P.S.: Let me give an advice for the Countach musicians: some experiment will be a profit for you.

Cowboys From Outerspace "Space-O-Phonics Aliens" (Nova Express; 21 Chemin des Carrieres 71150 Chagny, France; Kaisernova@aol.com; www.chez.com/cowboysfromouterspace)
To tell you the truth, I simply was stunned by this disk!!! The French trio (Michel Basly, Mr. Henry Costa and Basile Gonzalez), with the help of Lucas Trouble - more and more authoritative person for me, has recorded an extremely non-standard album for a modern garage stage - a dish for the true gourmet!
Well, first, the vocalist reminds furious Iggy Pop very much; in general the spirit the Stooges and Iggy Pop of the end of '80-the beginning of the '90 is present in the whole album very densely.
Second, a sound... Prepare!... The Sound - typical for Amphetamine R"tile Records during its blossoming - the beginning of the '90: low timbre, dense and viscous guitar sound with aggressively allocated rhythm-section and minimum quantity of studio effects.
Further: the excellent material - from lyrical but, nevertheless, rather rigid things such as "Tired" or "Hurry" up to unequivocal hits - there is no any "average" song!
Yes, it is simply a paradise for the fan of the True Gothic style - I speak about the bands such as Sisters Of Mercy and similar to them - practically during the whole album you'll feel this gloomy spirit - I think you agree that for garage-rock it is an unusual combination... The arrangements of the songs will force an attentive listenner to receive an additional portion of pleasure, and the skills of execution is on the highest - professional level.
I am sincerely glad, that I've opened this band for myself. I wish you the same!

Cowboys From Outerspace "Bones Keep Smilin'..." (Nova Express; 21 Chemin des Carrieres 71150 Chagny, France; Kaisernova@aol.com; www.chez.com/cowboysfromouterspace)
A rather fresh album (2003) of the remarkable French group, well proving all bastardness of the modern garage-stage: I've never heard anything similar to Cowboys From Outerspace nor on Estrus, Dionysus, neither on Crypt or Bomp Records!!! Nevertheless, I've never and nowhere met even a line of information about this band and its disks!!! And all this is because they are the Frenchmen instead of Americans or Englishmen?!!!
As well as in the previous album, here is a lot of "young and wild" Iggy Pop - I speak about the presence of his spirit, I hope, you have understood me. In the musical plan - it is a well-played and inventive garage punk. I do not know, as far as it has been made by musicians meaningly, but some citations scattered here and there have delighted me: "(When I'm Alone) I Can't Even Stand Myself" - a straight line to "Sea Of Love" by Iggy Pop (once I've played it and even sang...); "Happy Birthay Elvis" - Russian dadaists NOM; "Chinese Pills" - "Caravan" by Duke Ellington (-!!!).
Some songs are so nonconventional for the given style ("Gasolhead", "I've Been So Down", "Happy Birthay Elvis" or "Luna"), that they could generate new directions of garage rock!
As well as with the previous album, Lucas Trouble participated in it's creation - it is a riddle for me: everything he does is great!!!

Cuba Las Vegas "These Crappy Years" (P.O.Box 5202, Sherman Oaks, CA, 91413 USA; www.cubalasvegas.com)
I've tried to do anything but to escape matching Cuba Las Vegas with Doors and much more with Nick Cave in the beginning of '90 was not possible to me!
Naturally, from the band with such a title I expected something carnival, bright and cheerful... I was hardly mistaken! On their disk there were 11 smartest ballads, played with unprecedented for Jim and Nick power and boldness. Most pathetic vocal of Steve Dietrich, magnificent piano by Eric Young, excellent guitar job by Warren Paine (imagine a ballad with brutal guitar solo!) and high-technical rhythm-section (Barry Norris - bass, Adam Topol - drums), the texts..., the texts are about life...
This is probably the most spiritual album from the all albums listened by me for the last couple of years. Do you need any other recommendations?

Daath "Futility" (6300 Powers Ferry Rd. Building 600, Suite #144 Atlanta, GA 30339 USA; eyal@Daathmusic.com; www.daathmusic.com)
I do not respect metal groups! And now I'll tell you that Daath play the music basing on death metal and I was fucking shocked by them!!! He-he, certainly, now everything in details...
They have really most powerful hardcore-energy (from time to time they reach up to grind!), an ingenuity in arrangements a la Deadfood (the blessing, generously used synthesizers allow musicians to be perverted "to the full extent"!!!), a magnificent guitar sound with "alive" (not always, to tell you the truth) drums and the highest class technics of execution (rather complex songs are executed without any spoilage)! It is interesting that the musicians from Daath manage to play with identical ease both maximum rigid and aggressive compositions, and soft, almost weakening things (and frequently all this within the framework of one songs!).
Texts are about the dark sides of human mentality and are excellently combined with crazy musical component!
Such Ministry could become (if they would not be assholes...)!...

Datach'I "Mmale And FFemale" (Planet Mu Records; PO Box 276, Worcester, WR5 2XJ, UK; datachi@yahoo.com)
It is a banal electronic insanity!!! Not to any normal person it will come in a head to name things that Joseph Fraicli does as music, it is so inhumanly and randomly at first sight.
From my point of view, not looking on the aggression and deliberate artificiality, the album has turned out rather gloomy (-it is better to say sad!) and, that is absolutely nonsence for modern radical electronic music - it is INTERESTING! Each song reminds a multilevel charade with smartly hidden implications from rhythms and melodies.
Specially for the amateurs of analogies: imagine Muslimgauze got into a computer and lost in the hard disk bowels somewhere in between the Coil and Miranda Sex Garden records!
The best things are: "Plainphhield" and without any doubtless "Dollars For Bones".

Dead Chretiens - "WEATAX" tape (Spunk Productions; PO Box 102, Cobalt, ON. POJ 1CO, Canada; www.deadchretiens.com; spunkzine@yahoo.com)
8-songs punk-hooliganism in execution of the Canadian quartet. Love hockey, hate pop-punk and are rather cheerful people in general. If add a little irony and an ingenuity in music it would turn out to be the Meatmen in times of "Now We'll Make Lotsa Pals".
For the admirer of crude, dirty and smelling slightly of typically Texas madness punk-hardcore it is an ideal gift! It is very interesting to listen to the following album!
PS: actually - they are very similar to the "early" Texas punk! Rather seldom for our time!

Dead Food "Weird Feelings" (www.deadfood.com)
Mr. Bungle ate too much magic mushrooms!
The unique sound and different cool musical jokes will make you if not to love this band then to be impressed by their musical imagination. (Resident's fans - it's your chance to understand the punk rock!) See interview!

Deerhoof "Reveille" (KRS / 5 Rue Christine: PO Box 1190, Olympia WA 98507, USA; www.5rc.com)
I immensely respect KRS Records for the releases of similar music. Certainly, in catalogues of many labels it is possible to find ORIGINAL group, but when there are tens of them, as in a case with KRS!...
Music by Deerhof is absolutely not similar to anything! It is possible to find analogies with Yoko Ono, the Who (-!!! - editor) and even with Can (talking about the relaxedness of musical thinking); it is possible to tell, that in the style it is somewhere in between no wave, beat and minimalist avantguard - but anyway all this will be incomplete.
They are not constant very much and from a syrupy pacification they are easily dumped in heavy violence. In their sound there are also a lot of surprises: from sweet vocal (Satomi Matsuzaki) and keys like enraged tamagochi up to a fantastic sound of the guitar (for example in "Holy Night Fever") and excellently written down drums! I've never heard anything like that.
The best recommendations!

Diminished Men, the "Live At the Rendezvous, Seattle, Washington - may 12, 2004" (info@diminishedmen.com; www.diminishedmen.com)
The real opening for me is a trio from Seattle!
Selfidentifying as a surf-band they, in my opinion, strongly simplify the style of their own music. Believe me, I did not hear such powerful set of styles and influences! Yes, for a basis they took surf, however it not that nostalgic surf a-la '60s, that we are suggested by a hundred of modern collectives. Due to magnificent mastery of musicians, in their composition the jazz moments, and also elements of a folk music of the different countries (Italian, the Balkans and slavic) are very harmoniously added. It sounds very originally and not similar on anything from earlier heard. I even do not speak about surf-bands!!!
Now about the mood. If you, as well as I, like those ancient films with Klint Eastwood (named "spaghetti western") and with soundtrack by Enio Morricone you should recollect that gloomy, slow and very psychodelic adjust. (In "The Good. The Bad. The Ugly." - Klint Eastwood chews a match and looks somewhere in a distance. For the three minutes. Then he spit and, having put spurs to a horse, skip for the horizon). Well, this disk is simply impregnated with spirit of those films! No thoughtless fun - everything is very severe and serious (and insome placesit is hard and energetic like punk).
My favourite songs are: "Sleep Is the Corsin Of Death", "Heavy Serfs" (surf with an inventive ethno-lining, as well as the following composition), "Russian Cobra" (with an amazing "walking" contrabass!), "Names Of the Dead" and "Clock Waltz" most exciting the imagination!
It is impossible to pass by similar collectives!

Dina "Work The Switch" (£6 incl. p+p JSNTGM Records, p.o. Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA, UK; www.jsntgm.com)
The second album of the interesting English band. Dina was formed in 1998 in Liverpool, and their debut album was released only in 2001 - "Electricity Gave Me A Heart Murmur". They accepted Ian Roache (bass, vocal) in the band and in November 2003 they released "Work The Switch". But a pair of words about Ian Roache: in the beginning of the '90 he played in the well-known Drive - named by one of the critics "British Husker Du ". Having occupied indi-charts in the USA and Europe with their album "Out Freakage" and the 12" "Go Out Be Happy" the band has forced to speak about them. Unfortunately, Drive didn't exist for a long time...
Well, "Work The Switch": nothing surprising but in the music there is obviously the spirit of Husker Du - the strong punk, with very original melody and strong power. Pleasant unexpectedness is the presence a fair share of emo in Dina's music ! In a combination with the drive of punk-core and nonstandard melodism (all the time I want to call it "English"!) the album sounds very fresh and exciting - from the first and up to last songs! Though I would like to point out "Strike Third", "Tear Jerk" and the most powerful instrumental "Final Echo".
Resume: high-quality British emo-melo-core with respectful citations from '80 and '90.

DJ Minster - promo sampler (Pink.dot; PO Box 718 Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216 Australia; amin@pinkdot.org; http://www.pinkdot.org)
A three-track CD by DJ Minster (a.k.a. Amin Javanmard) - the chief of the australian electro-experimental lable - Pink.dot Having started the musical activity as the participant in the nu-metal-band Sunk Loto, at the present moment DJ Minster is the leader of several tens electro-noise-projects, which don't differ enough from each other Except for refined names.
On this CD there is a little bit other music submitted: "Isovaline" - bewitching, hypnotic jungle with the most magnificent insert a-la Kraftwerk! "Crunchy Disco" - is a gloomy and noisy thing, remarkable with it's crazy set on the guitar (where else we can listen to a magnificent guitar as not on the disks recorded by electronical musicians!!!). The last track "The 43rd Floor" is created together with Scott Sinclair from pH3 and it is more noisier, more chaotic and, we shall tell directly, more brutal than the previous two and remind some kind of heavy noisy embient.

Dobermann s/t (dobermann@wanadoo.fr; http://perso.wanadoo.fr/groupe.dobermann/)
Four-song CD of a modern French quartet. Their music is malicious and fast punk-hardcore without any hint on happiness (as it is fashionable nowdays...), with excellent technics and powerful energy. The French language together with not absolutely usual manner of singing of the vocalist (a little close to Oi!), at once draw attention and will probably serve as a favourable distinctive feature to this band.
It would be better to add more originality!...

Dufus "1:3:1" (Faer Away Records; ProAnti PO Box 282,Cooper Station, NYC, NY 10276 USA; www.dufus.tv)
When I've seen there concert video, recorded on this disk, I was full of happiness and began to compare IT with the first Frank Zappa's concerts! I know that some "live" concerts of a band differ much from it's studio recordings. So, I began to listen to this album very carefully... My fears were absolutely vainly.
First of all, Dufus reminds Frank Zappa, Captain Beefheart and early Gong (-!!!).
Then, their style range extends from art-rock and European avant-garde performances of the end of 60's - the beginning of 80's and till the modern avant-punk and noncommercial rock!
And the last, very rich instrumental and vocal possibilities (in the band there are 5 musicians - guitars, sampler, bass, drums, female and male vocals, but for the recordings and concerts they attract up to 40 people (believe me, when you listen to this album you don't doubt in it at all!)) plus very interesting musical balancing acts with rhythms and melodies.
I want to convince you that Dufus is a real EVENT, that is worthy very serious attention.
And generally I dreamt all my life to play in such a band.

The Fades "You Say" - CD single (Genepool Records; www.genepoolrecords.com; www.thefades.co.uk)
The band was formed in 2000 in London. After changes of some ambiguous names, they've decided to stop on the Fades.
Certainly, it is impossible to judge creativity of this quartet by 2 songs of their single (debut, by the way!), however, it is already possible to tell something.
First, the approach both to the executor, and to arrangements is very professional; second, they have mad power and very dense (powerful! - editor) sound; thirdly, fourthly, fifthly and so forth: the Fades manage to mix the garage punk of '60, UK punk of '70 (the Clash, the Buzzcocks, etc) and "a guitar wave" of '80.
In result we have 2 extremely good songs and hope for a high-grade album.
PS: both songs - are very English, in the best sense of this word.

The Fall "Rude (All the Time) / I Wake Up In the City" 7" (Flitwick Records / P.O. Box 26, Flitwick, Beds, MK45 1ZU, England)
It is difficult to believe, but the fact is the fact: the greatest indi-band The Fall releases their 7" in 2001 on the super non commercial Flitwick Records!!! The first song is the acoustic ballad - Ed Blaney (guitar), Mark E. Smith (vocal); the second song is typically The Fall with not characteristic for it Lo-Fi sound - powerful, very monotonous punk-noise drive. The plate is distributed essentially free-of-charge!
P.S. : I Love the Fall !!!

Faux Jean "Nature" (A Susstones Product./ Susstones 3010 Hennepin Avenue South #161, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA/ www.susstones.com)
I am very happy that I got acquainted with the music of this band!!!
Since the times of the most Magnificent The Pixies nothing drove in me such pleasant emotions... Old pecker sir Paul McCartney has not composed so much perfect tunes how much are on this CD during all his life!
The style of Faux Jean is closest to music of The Pixies but, to tell you the truth, without hysterics inherent for the Pixies. But there are plenty of energy and melody (be sure you will bathe in them!)! In some songs you can meet rather sharp played elements of bit (leave your head under "G-a-go-go"!). The level of the musicians, vocal job of Matty Schindler and Nicole Kalodrich - is the highest (you can add here the excellent composer's ingenuity and magnificent quality of recording).
This is a real Bomb, to put it briefly!
PS: For The Pixies (excuse me for a so often mention of this name) their beginning - I speak about "Come On Pilgrim" - was much weaker...

Fifty Foot Combo "GHENT - BXL" (Drunkabilly Records: Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com, www.fiftyfootcombo.com)
A new, as a matter of fact - the third for this year, album of one of the most curious modern European bands. As we have already agreed with you that to name Fifty Foot Combo's music with a banal word surf is simply offensive (it is something much more than instrumental rock'n'roll with reverberated guitars!) and I won't name this collective a surf-band any more.
Anyway, if you do not know yet what band is it ("not in a theme"), it is better to get acquainted with it as soon as possible - or you won't understand even a part of musical reviews in which those or that bands will compare with Fifty Foot Combo!
By the way, about the album: for me - it is like a holiday! After the concert version "The Monstrophonic Sound Live At Ernesto's" this one seems to be quieter (not pacifying!!! You'll jump as mad and try to make the sound more loudly!!!), but it is a result of magnificent studio record quality. And as always there are refined arrangements, faultless skills of playing (it is not simply faultless - you'll hear the game of LIVE musicians!) and, at last, the same firm style of Fifty Foot Combo mixed from surf, punk, exotic Caribbean moments, garage rock of the '60s, independent music of the '90s, rock-and-roll, Voodoo shamanism... is it enough?
It is difficult to point out the best tracks from 11 submitted but I shall name "Blowback" (the most magnificent thing!), "Day Of the 100 Percenters" (their heavyness and energy can be competed with any hardcore), "BXL-GHENT", "The Swinger", "The Pulsor"... In general, I was going to list all tracks here...
The dream is to visit a rehearsal of this band! There in Europe you can freely visit their concerts but Fifty Foot Combo won't reach Russia any way.

Fifty Foot Combo "The Monstrophonic Sound Live At Ernesto's" (Drunkabilly Records; (Drunkabilly Records: Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com, www.fiftyfootcombo.com)
After their several EPs and 4 albums Fifty Foot Combo have released their concert album. Probably, this is some kind of event, now I shall try to explain - why.
How much bands do you remember which play so-called "not initial", different from the Ventures and the Shadows (and someone can't distinguish even these two groups! Horror!) SURF?!!! Well, Man Or Astroman? with their reverberated nightmare "Destroy All Astro-Men!!!" scared away all common people. Finns Larry and The Lefthand - when on their album "Diabolika they sometimes forgot about punk and started to play mad instrumental...
And that is all! That is why Fifty Foot Combo are magnificent, from album to album their style becomes so recognized/unique that it is offensive to name it surf simply! The musicians have thought up an excellent term for their music - "The Monstrophonic Sound" - no jokes, they play it!
On hearing it sounds near so: two quite modern sounding guitars, UFO-like organ, powerful rhythm-section and percussion with exotic spirit - all this is for playing enough vigorous, with some magic tropical atmosphere of instrumental compositions both lyrical, and dancing (sometimes almost pogo-dance!). Well, Polynesians play punk-rock!!! Nobody still play like this...
On a disk (or on double vinyl) there are 20 songs (more than 70 minutes) rather versatile and simply superb played and recorded. Excepted for already known things ("Buzzz", "The Great Caffeine Comedown", "Triple-X-Presso", etc.) there is also the freshest hit "Jennifer Jennings", extremely free version of "Rumble", crazy "Tube City" and, practically, a hymn of new style "Last Of the Monstrophonix" - I would offer it as a hymn of the Incorporated Europe...

Fifty Foot Combo "Jennifer Jennings" (Drunkabilly Records; Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com, www.fiftyfootcombo.com)
It seems to me, it is one of the most interesting surf-groups at present in the world! Why? Firstly, because their sound is really unique (rather gloomy, giving due to use of bong and magnificent keyboard strong exotic (tropical!!!) spirit), also it sounds not like anything from the anything known earlier on a surf-stage; secondly, they (the musicians of Fifty Foot Combo) actually have non-standard musical thinking - it is possible to receive considerable pleasure from attentive studying design of every new song - do you know much similar examples in surf?! At last, they are considerably unpredictable - here you got not the Ventures and the Shadows, after "Jennifer Jennings" I don't know what else to expect from them!
Yeah, about the single...
I hope you have understood under the name, that it is "Jennifer Jennings" by legendary Louis Neefs - that I spoke about unpredictability!...
Except for it, on a disk there are 2 more aggressive "live" tracks: "Theme From F.A.C.T.S." and their own version of "Banana Split" - simply magnificent written down and played for a concert record!
He-he, now the gifts start!
On the same disk you will find a videoclip by "Jennifer Jennings" (in the best traditions of modern European cinema). It is not all. To a single free CD is applied: promo-compilation from Drunkabilly Records with 16 songs of all bands from the label. I can't remember similar acts from the American companies!
By the way, in April Fifty Foot Combo will release the new album of "Kings Of the Monstrophonic Sound" (-we'll be indulgent to modesty of musicians) - keep in touch!

Flying Over "Bad Bad Rock'n'Roll" (Upsetter All Star; 31 rue A.Barine, 17000 La Rochelle, France; http://rockstar2.free.fr/bart; upsetter_all_star@hotmail.com)
A machine-gun punk-rock-n-roll-trio from France. For some reason it is difficult to get such kind of music from the majority of punk-bands, though the listener will be in delight from it: the mad punk-n-roll with fascinating melodies and vigorous rhythm from the beginning and up to the end of the album.
If to add some melodism to their music - it would turn out to be Padded Cell; a little more rock-n-roll - Basement Brats. Don't think that something here was not pleasant to me! I have listened to this disk for five times nonstop - it is not necessary any power cocktails!
Probably, some listeners would be upset because of the full absence so-called "French originality" in the music of Flying Over (- tragical intonations, rhythm - machine, desperate burr pronounce and so forth) - to whom that is necessary... In my opinion - it is a real punk-rock!

Flying Over "Kill Kill Kill" (Upsetter All Star; 31 rue A.Barine, 17000 La Rochelle, France; http://rockstar2.free.fr/bart; upsetter_all_star@hotmail.com)
More fresher album which has been recorded "live" on the Radio College/La Rochelle, it gives a superb transmitting of all power and energy of the band! There are 3 songs from the previous album ("Dark City", "Ne Me Demandez Rien" and "My Girlfriend's not 17"), four songs are new plus three-minute interview - an ideal variant for the serious acquaintance with this band.
On the CD Except the traditional for Flying Over powerful and melodious punk-n-roll there is a song "Do You Love the Nazis?", made in a style of the classical "77"-punk. Besides, the last song is "Kill For You", forcing to remember the best times of the Ramones.
It is better to listen on the maximal loudness!

Forbidden Dimension "A Coffinful Of Crows" (Reanimator Records; P.O.Box 1582, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, USA / herbert_west@hotmail.com or http://aaainternet.com/Forbidden_Dimension)
It is a compilation of released and non-released things by not very well known band in a period since 1988 till 1994 yy. (plus one track was recorded in 1999).
The sound of the band will impress even very professional musical gourmets: strong spirit and the melodism of Misfits they put on tough, primitive garage Rock'n'Roll, the rythm-machine (-!!!), vocal that goes through somekind of a flenger (I don't know how this effect is named in English!...) and very-very "tasty" guitars.
I remember the Misfits fans were orgasming some years ago (on the fact of their idol's "reunion") and I think that Forbidden Dimension would be a very good replacement for all major-substitutes...
PS: Haven't you ever thought that Misfits haven't got enough rock-n-roll?...

Fun "EP" (Fun, Siltasaarenkatu 24 C 69, 00530 Helsinki Finland; http://www.fun.ven.cc; fun@welho.com)
I am sure that there is a large amount of people in the world, for whom STEVE ALBINI IS NOT ENOUGH in their space! I am the one... This 4-songs EP would be the smartest gift for them!!!
Fun - a young Finnish trio; the EP is released in 300 copies so to you won't get it anyway. It is a pity, the band is worthy the most steadfast attention: I didn't meet so consecutive and careful attitude to creativity of Albini yet! An attentive listener will be certainly amused by the citations from Big Black and Shellac in songs "Sportscoat" and "Panther" - I speak about citing! It sounds very harmoniously and as a whole.
In general, sound, energy and melody is somewhere in between late Big Black and early Shellac (for the last Fun has simply crazy speed - he-he...) - do you need any more advertising still?

Fury For Another S/t (Smorgasbord Records / P.O. Box 5392, Milford, CT 06460, USA / http://www.smorgasbordrecords.com)
The debut album of the newest band from DC-scene. A trio (bass, by the way, the girl - Sharie). They play fast and powerful old school HC with very hysterical vocal (-Jason) and extremely positive texts ("Label", "Integrity", " Punk Rock Reunion Show " and etc.). As a bonus - the cover of the Dead Milkmen's "Instant Club Hit". Very punky HC-album.

Gag "Caveman Shuffle Suffers Known As Patty / C2" 7" (Flictwick Rec. / http://www.flitwickrecords.co.uk.)
New 7 " of crazy art-punk-rockers: Gag! Sound - impossible to describe! The songs are fucking good - drive and expression, wise arrangements and non-standard ideas - if you've liked their album, this EP won't disappoint you, even on the contrary.
P.S.: Gag and the Fall are on one label! And who else want to say that D.I.Y.scene does not exist!!!

the Gecko Brothers "Stop Bitchin'...Start Drinkin'!" (Drunkabilly Records; Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com, www.thegeckobrothers.sucks.nl)
It is a very serious thing!!!
The word of honor, for a long time I haven't heard SO POWERFUL bands - the aggression, speed and power of the Gecko Brothers is absolutely out of competition nowadays!
Having gathered from the rests of various bands (including Eric from Batmobile - one of the most popular psycho-bands in Russia), the quartet has released their demo CD and having collected a heap of laudatory reviews, in the beginning of December, 2003 they shot the debut album "Stop Bitchin '... Start Drinkin '!" - 13 songs in style of very heavy, on the edge of hardcore, punk'n'roll with crazy speed and rough low sound.
Naturally, Motorhead comes the first in a head. I'd also name Killdozer and (!!!) AC/DC (the song "Six Little Friends" would decorate any of their albums!), full with stimulators... Having mixed all this and added a decent piece of rock'n'roll and aggression we'll receive the Gecko Brothers! (In some moments, especially while singing refrains, music becomes similar on the heavy rock'n'roll Oi!).
I think, in the near future the Gecko Brothers will become such a criterion of speed and aggression... Quite deservedly!

Gluesniffer "Tell Your Dealer" (Pink.dot; PO Box 718 Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216 Australia; amin@pinkdot.org; http://www.pinkdot.org; musictosniffglueto@yahoo.com.au; http://gluesniffer.8bit.co.uk)
Four-songs CD by the australian electro-experimental lable Pink.dot due to which we can get acquainted with creativity of the not the most well-known musician in our territories - Gluesniffer. It is very curiously but musically it reminds Column One with plenty of ornaments and pendants... In one of the songs you can hear not so distinct mutter of unruly Frank Black, it is interesting, whether he have heard it?
If you have a wish to get acquainted with realy intellectual electronic music - you are welcome!
PS: by the way, during my service in army all my colleagues sniffered gasoline and only the aesthetes regaled on nitro-paint. To sniff glue for some reason was considered as a bad form and not solid occupation for the adult guy.

Greneztenke "Every Thing Suxxx" (xerotika@newmail.ru )
Electro-noise HC with very positive (-!??? - editor) texts. Ideologically it is very close to "Failure from violence" and etc. Musically, it is dirty and fast HC. Certainly, this is the best I've ever heard from Grin. However, I am afraid, that all his rage and fury and will be exhausted by these nine songs.
It is recommended to the tireless optimists and people who like non-standard sound.
PS: It is the recording of the year!!!

Hard Ups "Alone In The Crowd" (Slide Chorus Records: C/Pez *14, 28004 - Madrid, Spain; slidechorus@slidechorus.com; www.slidechorus.com)
Spaniards. Play already since 1994! What do they play? Fucking so called melo-punk-core with hardly appreciable emo. If you like production of Fat Wreck Chords label, do everything but get this CD - it is your music. Generally, I don't understand, how is it possible, playing for a so long time, and rather decently having seized the instruments, to be inspired by such disgraces, as Lag Wagon, Hi Standard, etc.

Haters, the "Death-Defying Sickness" (Noisopoly; www.jupitter-larsen.com; gx@jupitter-larsen.com)
The project on the real legendary for me and some of my friends G.X.Jupitter-Larsen - the unconditional leader and authority on the world noise scene. For the last some years I met his name in the most unexpected places anyhow connected with various countercultural (and it is actually a counterculture!) initiatives, that only has warmed up my interest to his musical and literary creativity.
So, "Death-Defying Sickness": almost an hour of the magnificent, high-quality noise ("- And in what its high quality was showed?" - you may ask. I answer: it is incredible driving, and what is the most important - listenable noise (whether you'll hold on alone with Merzbow for a long time?)) with a certain similarity of a rhythm as any low-frequency pulsation on a background. I understand how much tempting my words sound for the true amateurs sound...
Closer by the end of the disk on a forward line appears something reminding sound of petrole-powered chain saw and really cool "fuzzing" guitar - all hardcore-bands should play with such sound.

Haters, the "The Untitled Title Belt" (Noisopoly; www.jupitter-larsen.com; gx@jupitter-larsen.com)
Three plays which have been recorded "alive" in San Francisco in February, 1999 without any subsequent processing and imposings.
Interestingly, but all of them differ very much on drive and the contents: if first two quite approach under definitions of aggressive and rigid compositions, the last one has reminded me very fashionable nowadays micro-wave style. Unless without any serious succession of events.
In general, in my opinion, similar music is interesting only in "alive" execution (I recollect video Z'ev of the 70th years where the greatest interest is represented with reaction of public surrounding the actor!!!), whereas studio experiences on this theme - are like voluntary creative castration.
G.X.Jupitter-Larsen himself looks like the huge real pirate, in Moscow any militian patrol will not pass guys like him...

Hellbats "Fast'n'Heavy" (Nova Express/Productions de l'impossible; 6, Rue de Belfort, 25200 Montbeliard, France; productionsimpossible@yahoo.fr; http://members.lycos.fr/hellbats/ )
I think it is time already to renew the "Psycho-attacks above Europe " release!!!
Yeah, Englishmen will be wiped but France was always strong in this direction. Hellbats: a stilish mix between classical psycho-billy and gloomy metal-punk a-la the Misfits. As you have already understood, the mention of the Misfits means an excellent melody, for some reason rejected by the majority of psycho-commands. In spite of the fact that Hellbats is a trio, they manage to create rather dense sound (and all it with a contrabass!) and, from time to time to give out almost Motorhead aggression!
If I point it out (only a little): everything Lucas Trouble touches (it was him to release Hellbats and has written intro to "The Witch"!) turns into gold.

Hellon "The Parkspender" ep (Rhythm Ace Recordings, Mats Gronmark, Grondalsvagen 35, 11766 Stockholm, Sweden; www.rhythmace.se)
Four songs from the band Hellon already a little known to us after the compilation "7 songs from Rhythm Ace Records". Participation of musicians from groups Burek V and Eve and The Last Waltz in the record looks rather funny: two songs - the dying Lo-Fi-ballads in classical Burek V-style.
"River Song" and "I Could Never Sleep" - songs with the vocal of the most magnificent Eva Lalander, singing in the Eve and The Last Waltz! Her voice is so unique that the songs have instantly got especial... taste inherent to Eve and The Last Waltz: soft sincerity and slackness in a combination with maximum amateurish almost lo-fi-sound. And all this clings you as on a hook, forcing to go the whole days and to sing something to yourself!...

Hemi Cuda "Classics For Lovers" (Pop Sweatshop, PMB 148, 2103 Harrison Ave NW, #2 Olympia, WA 98502 / www.popsweatshop.com)
When I've downloaded the song by "Hemi Cuda" from there website I really went out of my mind! (Isn't it the love from the first glance?)
Later I've heard the hole album and understood that it is a real BOMB! Two girls (Anika Zappe - guitar & vocals, Karen Exley - bass & vocals) and the drummer (Scott Padawer) play very crazy and energetic punk-rock! No pop-punk! No Rrrrrriot girrrrl! All their songs are hits! (Aren't you tired from my exclamations? I am sorry but without them it is difficult to express my feelings...). We can add here that the musicians play very skilfully on their instruments. Don't forget about exciting melodies (no pop-punk at all!!!) - do you meet such bands very often?
In the song "Don't Start" there is an L7 (R.I.P.) spirit appears but fortunately for the short time.
PS: One friend of mine, who became the "Hemi Cuda" fan like me, always says about something very cool: "It's a kind of Hemi Cuda!".

Higgins ++ "Commercial Brake" (£6 incl. p+p JSNTGM Records, p.o. Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA, UK; www.jsntgm.com)
This is a sole album of Andy Higgins - guitar and vocal. It sounds like a recording of some good punk band but without bass and drums. Are you frightened? Very good melodies, brilliant skills of playing and texts from the first face telling about life in the modern world (with not very radical critics of the established system). Basically, the majority of songs are potential hits.
In Russia, they are proud because of their love to the WORD, there is a special musical direction - author's song. The singer spits to 90 % on the contents of his songs and plays the songs on same three - four chords (strictly on an acoustic guitar!). In 60-70-80's all of them chanted opposition songs of the protest, so-called " Hymns of intellectual". Now in a list of topics there are only household sketches, humorous themes and eternal love travails.
I advice you to find and listen to Vladimir Vysotsky! And if Andy Higgins without a bass and drums is not interesting for you - then go on drum'n'bass party and do not take in head to say about your intelligence and revolutionary thinking.

Hiperkore "Pierdo, Luego Existo" (Slide Chorus Records: C/Pez #14, 28004 - Madrid, Spain; www.hiperkore.com)
Veterans of the Spanish HC-stage (were formed in 1993).
Magnificent album!
It is interesting but it has reminded me the provocation by NoMeansNo in the 1996 "The Worldhood Of the World": crazy rhythmic figures, the most magnificent technics and not very banal melodies. It is necessary to note a number of the details favorably distinguishing Hiperkore both from NoMeansNo, and from hundreds of other bands working in the style so called melo-core: furious, fierce expression and strong national color (I mean not only Spanish texts, but also something else imperc"tibly present in each song... It Is a pity, but in American and in some the European "levelled" groups this spirit is absent).
Unconditional hits: a header composition "Na-Na", "No Fear", "Bajame del Techo", "Bartolin", "Supermirafiori" and "En el Circo".

Hole In the Head "Trouble Cruiser" 7" (Legal Records; http://koti.welho.com/tkuvaja ; http://holeinthehead.cjb.net holeheados@hotmail.com)
The excellent beginning of the year - 4 songs from the Finnish rockabilly/garage/punk-trio, deserving the kindest and flatter words.
Hole In the Head were formed in 1997 and the fact that they are not well-known till now is possible to explain only because of shortsightedness of a modern garage stage! What else to hell is necessary to you?!!! The first song - "Pick Me Up (You've Gotta)" is made in the best traditions of punk - garage with the strong spirit of '60s. The following "Holehead Stomp" & "Out Of Hands" - are the same powerful garage punk but already with some rock'a'billy spices. For a dessert you got "Trouble Cruiser" - a very exciting hit with magnificent arrangement (To tell you the truth I love puzzles!).
This plate has reminded me much more the recent very "killing" Off The Hip's compilation "Antipodean Screams" - in my opinion, it is the better praise!

The India Rubber Man "Egyptian Reggae" (Upsetter All Star; 31 rue A.Barine, 17000 La Rochelle, France; http://rockstar2.free.fr/bart; upsetter_all_star@hotmail.com)
A cover-version of the famous "Egyptian Reggae" by J. Richman in execution of Bart - the chief of the Upsetter All Star lable (who plays, by the way, also in the punk-rock'n'roll band Flying Over). I hope, you understood all this heap of names and titles and got the main thing: we can hear an excellent driving exotic-surf-composition reminding Fifty Foot Combo without their firm keyboard. After such thing if it is re;eased on a single you wish to listen to the whole album.

Irradio "Semantic Noise" (069 Illinois Str., San Diego CA 92104 USA; info@irradiomusic.com; www.polarrecords.net)
The debut album (not considering their EP already released in ' 99-th) of the quartet from San Diego derived in ' 98-th.
I've enjoyed: dense tangle of two guitars (Daniel Dasher, Paulo Zuniga - they are also the vocal), complex rhythms (Colin Tuthill - dr., Patrick Otelini - b., v.), exciting arrangements and typically post-hardcore changes of mood and energy. Well, try to imagine such situation: if Television are integrated and play songs specially written for them by Steve Albini! (- oh, my god!).
And one more: some times while listening this album a phantom of P.I.L. comes- it stands silently a little and then leaves.
PS: during listening this disk adjust the CD-record player to miss the last song - not to spoil your impression of it...

Jail "Wife Graffitti"(http://www.flitwickrecords.co.uk)
The magic CD!!!
The band was formed in 2001 in Leeds, England. For the first time I've noticed them on the compilation of heroic Flitwick Records - to tell you the truth, I unconditionally trust the taste of --- (- the head of Flitwick), and I never was mistaken!
So! Jail - are the great laymen and NOT THE PROFESSIONALS! All their charm is in it...
Sincerity, unpretentiousness, freshness and, principal, boldness of ideas, fancy tunes - all this is Jail! Yes, you can add there the spontaneity of early The Fall and schizophrenic naivety of Sid Barett...
And more - it is a very English band!
PS: on CD there are 6 bonus tracks. The last is "live" "Nice Day To Know You" - the best thing of this album (written together with Keith Adams - already known for us )!
PPS: on the second place I'd call "Rabid Confusion" and "Helmore Street"!

John Wayne Shot Me "Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep E.P." (62 TV Records; Thijs Van Den Broek, Advocatenlaan 22, 5324 Al Ammerzoden, Holland; www.62tvrecords.com; www.johnwayneshotme.nl; jwshotme@hotmail.com)
For what I hate all these uncountable collections of cover-versions, it that in most cases they remind a competition: who are the most similar to the original.
I'd like more "new perusals", "the personal sight" or still something there, but not just stupid copy one another!...
Now you will understand, what I'm talking about...
John Wayne Shot Me - a quartet from Holland, formed in 1998. The debut album was released only in 2001, and on this compact disc there is a song from a new album, plus rather impressive bonus - 6 cover-versions of various actors. And so, very few people would guess in their psychodelic, little bit pensive indie the songs by E.L.O., Daniel Johnston, Carter Family, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Destiny's Child and especially Napalm Death!!! All of them sound very much "completely" and, that is absolutely pleasant, stylishly and effectively: not without influence of the '60s, with a magic sound of the keyboard, soft guitars and so soft manner of singing.
("- And what is there with Napalm Death!!!" - the reader asks indignantly.
- "Common Enemy" - is similar to a psychodelic variant of German Trio, it is only very beautiful.)
To last song there is more and more dadaism, and there where, apparently, already "an explosion" should take place, the disk comes to an end!
In general, it is not enough!

Keith John Adams"Memory / Worry" 7" (Flitwick Records / PO Box 26, Flitwick, Beds, MK 45 1TJ, UK)
"Memory" - The classical British (European) psycodelia of middle 60th. On the other side of EP there is the "Devo-ish" rhythm with melodism of "new romantics" - "Worry".
Flitwick Records Rules!!!

Kim's Teddy Bears "Hellbound Babe!" (Hangover Records: Viale G. D'Annunzio 9, 20123 Milano - Italy; hangover.records@tiscalinet.it)
One of my friends has given me this CD and asked to write something about it...
I listen to it the second week already! I wildly like it (if it is possible to say so), I have already learnt a pair of songs and almost all refrains (that is why, naturally, wriggling and vigorously winding a head I echo in the vile voice...), and now I am going to tell you about this disk!
The album begins with punk'n'roll "Dr. O" and "You Know What I Like". Then rock'a'billy "Jenny J" goes with valiant solo on the piano. Further punk is so harmoniously bound with garage and R'n'R that it is practically impossible to divide them within the framework of songs! (Remember Rezillos or Vibrators - whether their hit and immediacy are in their "rock'n'rollity" incorporated in each song)?!!!). I do not want to divide anything here!!!
Closer by the end of the album songs not losing the power start "to grow gloomy" ("Hellbound Blues", "El Fantasma", "Under Memphys' Sky") getting features of the typical "Monster's songs"...
My favorite things are: "You Know What I Like", "Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Girl" and "Black Cat Eyes".
Resume: 1. Italy in my opinion becomes the garage punk Mecca. 2. This album was released in 2000. If you like hit garage punk'n'roll - it is necessary to find this band (-you'll tell me thanks!...)

King Adora "Drag / 9 Inches Of Pure Malice" (Discovery Records; www.kingadora.com; http://welcome.to/rocklands ; lovepeacemusic@clara.co.uk)
Bright representatives of the modern British indie-punk-scene. They are too free in style frameworks for the punk-rock, for the "classical indie" (I hope, everyone understand, what I mean...) it is too prickly and aggressive. I do not see anything bad in it!
The first song - "Drag" - by its mewing vocal it reminds me the Undertones, and in general, sounds very much like in the '70s...
"9 Inches Of Pure Malice" - incredibly noisy and clockwork insurgent - if in the beginning of this year the complete debut album of King Adora "Vibrate You" will consist of similar songs - we are waiting for the BOMB!!!

Lacuna "And the Frog Says..." ( Fabian Fuchs, Kurt Schumacher str. 41d, 55124 Mainz, Germany; www.enjoylacuna.de)
Psychedelicàrt-punk-... prepare, now there will be an abusive word - grunge. A proof, leveled rhythm, "rising" in refrains "a wall of hum" made by the guitar and very viscous tunes that less of optimism.
I've never liked grange, but, if something similar on Lacuna appear in the beginning of 90's, I would probably listen to all Seattle sufferers more attentively.
( I've listened to the song "Post Scriptum" for 4 times looking on job of huge overhead cocks and sparks from a flame cutoff (I am writing this review at my job) - it is a fancy collage!).

Landscape "Positive Punk Power" (Scenepolice Records; c/o dpm. Humboldstrasse 15, 53115 Bonn, Germany; www.scenepolice.de)
The bright representatives of so called Bonn Hardcore Crew. They are in politics up to a brain of bones - yes somebody should be occupied by it!
Talking about music - it is the best gift for the amateurs of old school HC the end of '80 - the beginning of '90, though with the elements of punk-rock.
100% hits are: "Solidaritat", "Invitation To The Dance" and "Old School Brigadeep.
CD accompanies with the 18-page booklet with the texts, info about the band and rather curious articles about modern world.
Well, for the fan of something innovative this disk won't approach, and for the fan of honest and not commercial HC, for those who are interested in politics and like to set questions - Landscape - is most that!
PS: a majority of songs - are in English.

Larch, the "Pouters, Rollers and Runts" (Dent Resistant; ianroure@yahoo.com, www.thelarch.com)
What a sound they have! Fast and average speed songs sound so atypically, that you become lost!... Decent speed, strong energy and very soft, sincere manner of playing with so quiet vocal by Ian Roure - I don't know to whom compare them (-a trouble!...). Certainly, it is necessary to search for roots at the end of the '70s: mod (can be even the Jam), new wave (Squeeze, early Costello, XTC and hundreds of more remarkable bands of those years, mixing the punk with pop), power pop and even ska. A question - whence all this now?!!! Moreover with such stylish strong British smack and spirit of those nice years?
Unexpectedly, but it is very pleasant to hear the modern collective inspired on creativity for a long time with music forgotten by all. Funny, but now it looks originally and unusually. (I hope it would not turn to the next boom...)
The most "new wave" group of our days!.

Larch, the "Only Pop Music can Save Us Now!" (Dent Resistant; ianroure@yahoo.com, www.thelarch.com)
Reminds The Pixies decided to have fun with music of the end of the 70s (How are they, by the way? Have not broken up yet again?).
5 songs of inventive and very stylishly sounding "new wave" with elements of ska ("Ultra Zero" can decorate any compilation of the 2-nd or 3-rd wave!): the magnificent guitar of Ian Roure and his unusual manner of singing (something reminded Citizen Fish to me), saxophone by Ross Bonadonna, back vocal by the key-musician Liza Garelik and the most important are the different melodies which are unusual for an ear.
Unmodernly, therefore it is wonderfully!

Les Anges Detraques "Ange Qui Peut..." (KDP Records; Mimich Lad, 13, rue de Savoie, 93000 Bobigny, France; anges.detraques@wanadoo.fr; http://perso.wanadoo.fr/les.anges/detraques/)
The duet of bass-player Devi and guitarist Mimich was formed in 2000, however the glory about it has reached already and ours faraway province! Everything I've heard about them - only the most positive - all has proved to be true! Intensive punk-rock with mixed vocals and rhythm-machine (Berurier Noir? No, they were too gloomy and somehow strained. Like our early Egor Letov...), with obvious influence of anarcho-punk of the '80s and with sound reminding Riot Records compilations of the beginning of '80s!
Despite of deficiency of expressive means, all songs are melodious, differ enough but are similar among themselves only with their drive rhythm and sound (-very much remembered!).
For the very first acquaintance to the band I would recommend songs "Mimich Land (Uber Alles)", "I Speak Very Well" and "J'suis Pas Fou" though the band is so non-standard for a modern punk - stage, that acquaintance to it will please anyone, and even the most experienced music fan!
Write to them about concerts!
PS: from 27 songs of this disk 16 of them are studio, other are recorded "live".

Linden - demo (aztec_star717@hotmail.com)
Five-songs demo of the young garage band from... the USA. Sound is simply impregnated with psychodelic spirit of the '60th; the strong, bit rhythm section (in " Fly - High "and "Talkin ' To Myself" gives heat by completely not bit rhythms (Corey Shrapell - dr., v., the name of the bass player - is unknown)), the keys (from organ up to piano) from a simple background pass to a role of the soloist tool quite often ("New Millennium") (Erin Delaney - key b., v.- ours good friend!), the guitar player/vocal - Chris Kubrick - is higher than all praises (especially in "Talkin" to Myself " and "You Are My Hero")! Add a reverberation and "pure" "garage" recording! !
More shortly: most pensive and nostalgic recording of this review! Be sure to find and listen!!!

Little Girl With Cherries - Demo #2 ( Katharine Brown, 67, Priorsfield Road, Kenilworth, Warwichshire, CV8 1BZ, England; littlegirlwithcherries@hotmail.com)
Noisy guitar trio from the English town Kenilworth that I haven't found on the globe. It sounds like if Shellac play the covers of Captain Beefheart: a shrill guitar, convulsive, permanently varying rhythm and unexpected changeovers of musical subjects: from aggressive - alarming intonation the transition to a happy melancholia and almost to optimism follows.
The art of performance - is higher than all praises (well, try to make the ordinary musician to play a level of Albini and Captain Beefheart!). It is high time to name their names: K. Brown - guitar, J. Gardiner - drums, C. Preston - bass.
What a pity, that there are only three songs on the CD...
Yes, and more! They do not sing at all. Believe me - in this case it is completely not bad.

Loa Loa "No more, thank you for emotions" (Retrotrasher; 117303 p.o.box 2; Moscow, Russia; retrotrasherrr@hotmail.com)
It is a little background. Long time, thanks to Punch and my own inquisitiveness, I knew about existence in Moscow some strange collective with one hundred names: Kartonka, Kartinka, Loa Loa, Unconform and so forth. According to hearings, nobody from participants of this group was a skilful musician, however, being in good graces of members from Moscow HC Crew, they arranged some crazy concerts-performances. (it is amusing, but my comrade Misha Kotenko till now considers, that Mihalych (one of veterans of the band) is a muzhik (man) of forty - fifty years old).
For three years we heard nothing about them (well, maybe they played concerts somewhere there in Moscow) untill Mihalych has not written to me that they record an album in a spirit of Mr. Bungle.
- Well, - I've told to myself, - when I only started to play I easily made cover-versions of Naked City and Painkiller!...
Some time passed and I've received this disk... - see from the very beginning.
Generally, it hasn't reminded Mr. Bungle to me. More likely, it is the closest to the whole wave of the bands which played in the middle of the '90th - the whole shaft of mad collectives from Latin America and Japan - such as Mexican Power Authority, Gerogerigegege was, Boredoms - well you have understood, what I'm talking about. The power inherent to hard- and grind-core plus a spontaneity and frank hooliganism in arrangements (compare to the defiantly magnificent (too magnificent!) sound of Mr. Bungle and, the most unpleasant, with incredibly disgusting vocal exercises of Patton himself. Or you like his howls?!!!) . Yes, about the vocal... Aleksej Shvedov criticized Loa Loa - that it is not possible to understand the words!... Well, for me it is better not to hear words, than to listen to marasm by Brighter than 1000 Sun or a positive reality of all Moscow hardcore-party! Second, all texts are in the booklet (to echo all the same will fail - see below). In the third, due to very original manner of singing (I yet did not hear such vocal in Russian!) all songs have got strongly pronounced schizophrenic character - AS STILL it is NECESSARY TO SING TEXTS ABOUT WAR, TOTALITARIANISM AND the EVENT AROUND US?!!! (-he-he, Loa Loa - the political-punk band!!! Though who else?...)
My favourite compositions are: "Phone calls are listened", "Collars", "TV paralyses", "Kropotkin has uplifted me to the sky" (all the time some hidden presence of Punch is felt - have you noticed?...), "New level of Pokemon". Here and there between tracks easy negotiations of musicians are inserted during rehearsals - I yet have not understood the deep sense of this act

Lopsided "Chips'n'Cookies Radio Live Session" (Upsetter All Star; 31 rue A.Barine, 17000 La Rochelle, France; http://rockstar2.free.fr/bart; upsetter_all_star@hotmail.com)
Furious (- another word doesn't suit here!) punk-n-roll with magnificent melody! It is very similar to the early American punk (well, the Heartbreakers, Dead Boys and others...) strengthened with the hardcore-energy. The power and pressure of the Lopsided will give odds to any hardcore-band, their melodism and rock-n-rollity "will get" any garage punks!
Actually, who would know that in France there are such powerful bands!
Despite of "alive" recording everything is superb played, and numerous breaksscattered in songs and transitions please the hearing with absence of any mistakes.
By the way, with the song "You Gonna Try" this quartet could form their own style - HC'n'Roll!
If you think you are the punk-rocker it is necessary to know such bands.

Los Tres Puntos "Si Oh!" (BP 14, 78511 Rambouillet Cedex, France; http://l3p.free.fr/; l3p@free.fr)
When I've heard this disk I began to jump and to dance! For a long time I haven't heard such a vigorous beginning of the ska-album (recently I don't like to listen to ska at all - such nightmare the so-called third wave of ska has made!). First two songs (instrumental "Si Oh!" and "Guapa") will force a deadman to dance - really mad rhythm, non-standard melody and magnificent teamwork of musicians... Ha!, - you will say: hundreds of american ska-bands of the second half of the '90 have a lot of the same, so why do we need to listen to some Frenchmen!...
And here you won't be right. Los Tres Puntos play already enough forgotten partially version of ska, that is rather difficult to hear now - nobody play like it!
Influence of Mano Negra is doubtless. Some desperate drive inherent to the majority of the French punk-groups is evident (I speak about an emotional background of the songs). Social and political implied sense is inherent in the majority of songs from the album, and also support and following the ideas of DIY by musicians of the band is typical for modern European collectives.
The second half of the last track reminds a song about baby-duck by mad Soviet dadaists "Strange Games". You've never heard them and won't hear it. It is a pity...

Low Flying Owls "Georgie Shot Johnnie" 7'' (Isota Records; 1442 a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com; www.lowflyingowls.com; blackfish@aol.com)
Isota Records - a small Californian label specializing on releasing 7'' with non-standard at present music (actually - I can not imagine myself who else could release the majority of the bands from Isota Records!)
The quartet Low Flying Owls is meanwhile not so known in Russia though certainly these two songs should draw attention of the most different amateurs of music to the band.
"Georgie Shot Johnnie" - up to the bones solemnly grandiose hymn inserting a percussion cap to all romantic - psychodelic rock of the '60s and to fucking melodist Makkartny, and even to Russian curly Machine of Time with it's "Mirror city" (do you remember a long-long ending of this blues?)
"Silhouettes Of Furs" is not less melodious, however for eclecticism fashionable today in this song there is a smoke as easy electronics and lounge becoming simply indecent in civil houses already.See interview!

The Mediums "Gothic Carnival" (Nova Express; 21 Chemin des Carrieres 71150 Chagny, France; Kaisernova@aol.com)
Having spat on all canons, this quartet has recorded an album applying on not less than opening of a new musical direction - the Gothic garage punk. If somebody has made something similar earlier, but such integrity and, the main - such quality, nobody has ever achieved!
Continuing to be surprised by indefatigability of Lucas Trouble (Except for him in this band there are also: Charly Markarian - ex-Snappin' Boys, Caligula Gibus - ex-Silly Things and Laurent Folleat), who has recorded, mixed, produced, but also played on a bass-guitar and all keyboard (as, however, he frequently does on the majority of releases of the label Nova Express). I should note his delightful charm shown in all his projects!
Necessarily estimate the "minor" version of "Satisfaction", "Lonesome Train" and rather courageous version of "Swallow My Prideep by the Ramones. Besides, from myself I recommend such hits as "Elvis and the Colonel's Chiken Dancers", "Wayfaring Stranger" and "Scarlet Riders" (the last has reminded the very famous THE RAYMEN to me!!!). Though, having started listening with the first song - magnificent seven-and-a half-minuite "Candy Cranium Memories" you'll simply "swallow" the album entirely!
In general, if the album "Phantasmagoria" of the Damned seems too pop and not rock-n-roll, and hundreds of records of psycho-bands insufficiently lyrical and inventive to you, then, as they say, you are welcome here!

Miss Wyoming "Trailer Park" (Gedempte Burgwal 21A, 2512BS Den Haag, Netherlands; www.misswyoming.nl; miss_wyoming@lycos.com)
The tongue isn't turned to name this band, excited with the music of the Velvet Underground and the Pixies (feel the connection!), with the fucking expression "indie-pop combo".
The band consists of 4 representatives of France, Italy, UK and Holland (do not confuse with Gong!).
The style? Hm, take one third from the V. U., one third from the Pixies, rest in equal proportions from early the Saints, post-punk of '80s and indie-rock of '90s...
"Clear Fence" - total the V. U. in the time of the 1966!!!
"In the Sun" - most powerful drive in spirit of the Pixies!!!
"Last Surf" - heavy and severely distorted version of R'n'R by Lou Reed!!!
"NYC Stomp" - R'n'R drive of the Saints with most dense sound!!!
On a disk there are 6 more excellent songs.
Believe it!

Murnau "Misanthropy" 7" + "Recoil" 7" (www.murnau.be; info@murnau.be)
Brutal overloaded noise with almost dancing rhythm and the vocal deformed by some lotion - I've never heard anything like this! The project by ex-participant of Eisengrau simply amazes by it's mad drive and, simultaneously, with violent desire to spoil any sound (do you like Lo-Fi-sound? It is just for you!). It seems to me that similar music would be desirable both to fans of radical electronics, and admirers of such rigid styles as grindcore and hardcore. (Though, if you wish, it is possible to dance under Murnau - it is a very rhythmical music!)
This band should be released on the Eurovision!!!

Myrakaru "Tammetoru" (Expanding Records; www.expandingrecords.com; murakaru@starman.ee)
A debut of the Estonian duet - Indrek Tamm and Joel Tammik, enough well-known in the homeland and absolutely unfamiliar to the Russian listenners. What is interesting, having started their activity in 2000, they have already recommended itself as a radical electronic collective, both in a measure noisy and chaotic, however on this disk we hear absolutely others Myrakaru - very thoughtful, hardly melancholic electronic music with inventive rhythmic figures and little bit reminding Kraftwerk melodic lines. On a background of modern post-rock abracadabr Myrakaru sound very "warmly" and intelligently, submitting hope that the talent of the musician can not go in a cut with "listenningability" of their products.
Yes, by the way, it is impossible to dance under it.
PS: Still they have written a soundtrack to a cartoon film "Jippo The Hippo's Adventures" which author of the script is the 9-years boy.

Myrakaru "Klutic Reso/Kimalnu" 7" (Expanding Records; www.expandingrecords.com; murakaru@starman.ee)
Effectively appearing release: brightly yellow plate in a transparent rubber package. "Klutic Reso": almost near embient with a multilayered sound line (where all clicks, scratches and simply not identified noise are accompanied by a pleasant melody); "Kimalnu": is the same plus the confused rhythm and even more amorphous melodic line on the second plans.
Stylishly and with taste.

Mystified "The Demo" (http://www.mystifiedmusic.com; autocad13@hotmail.com)
Gloomy embient reminds an optimistical version of Scorn. Despite of seeming minimalism, in each composition there are a little bit independently developing levels due to which at close listening the magnificent effect of multilayered meditative mix is created.
An ideal music for listening in headphones.

Neils Children - 7" "St. Benet Fink / Silence Being The Only Sound"(Circle Records; speed@circlerecords.co.uk; www.geocities.com/neilschildren)
The debut single of a young London trio (John Linger - g., v.; James Hair - b., Brandon Jacobs - dr.).
"St. Benet Fink" - the mood and energy of punk/new wave of the '70-s, multiplied on a modern capabilities of sound recording.
"Silence Being The Only Sound" - Wow!!! (- I apologize!) Classical riff of the '60s (from the sort, as I call it "rocking"), powerful sound and magnificent quality of recording. The only at what it would be necessary to carp - the guitar solo: to tell you the truth, in such a song I expected for something more aggressive-desperate.
From two songs - two hits. A quite good beginning.

Nicolaj - s/t demo (Daniel Karbelius, Tvetgatan 251, 44233 Kungalv, Sweden; nicolajband@home.se; www.come.to/nicolaj)
The Swedish quartet formed in 2001. No exaggerations - 4 songs self-titled demo consists of 4 shocking HC-punk-hits! Want the Japanese HC-extremism? The European nonstandard arrangements? The American professionalism? Eventually, to spit - if HC or only punk is pleasant to you - you receive all this, having heard this fantastic demo! By the way, they have ideal sound for such music.
Listen their demo and demand a high-grade album from them!!!
PS: My friend has compared Nicolaj with late Refused (and, not for the benefit of the last).

Noisecore Freak "Corner Itch Theory" (Deadsix Communications; Chris Stepniewski, 142 Blackfoot Trail Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5R 2G6; www.noisecorefreak.com; noisecorefreak@hotmail.com)
The project of one person - Chris Stepniewski. Wow, it is necessary to try very much to combine so much rigid and radical! More shortly, bend your fingers: grindcore (not its farting version, but it's very technical and rigid), industrial (imagine it - on the grindcore speeds?!!!), chaotic brutal noise (do you recollect Merzbow) and something absolutely nondefineable-experimental-Mr.-Bungle. Sounds very rigidly but due to excellent melody and numerous "lyrical" (-he-he...) inserts "clings" at once.
Actually, it is a rare case - really radical thing is listened perfectly. (try "to listen" to the same Painkiller for an hour or two!)
The excellent work showing an opportunity of creation of innovative products from already ordinary and bored components.
Last track - the 11-minute quintessence of an album overflown with unexpected finds and courses! Basically, if to extend it, then it would become a cool album...

Noisecore Freak "Experiments From The Rust Factory" (Deadsix Communications; Chris Stepniewski, 142 Blackfoot Trail Mississauga, Ontario Canada L5R 2G6; www.noisecorefreak.com; noisecorefreak@hotmail.com)
Reprinting of the debut release of 1999 (the songs for it have been created since 1994 till 1998). As well as on the subsequent album, all musical and voice parts, also texts and even the design of this disk - are made by Chris Stepniewski.
What about the contents? Mad grind-industrial with incredibly refined arrangements. Sometimes reminds heavy parts from Knife Fur Frau Muller, however, in my opinion, the last are not so malicious and mad (-?!!!).
All the songs have passed necessary remastering and consequently sound not simply modern, but even very brutal and actual!. The material is not obsolete, but also has not lost the originality and uniqueness.
I would like many punk/hardcore bands played with such drive and ingenuity as Noisecore Freak...
The real extreme!

Nutcase "Welcome To Humanity" (Maloka; c/o Vincent Perrin, 19 rue Amiral Roussin, 21000 Dijon, France; www.nutcase.fr.st; nutcase@free.fr)
The debut album of the French band released on the authoritative anarcho-punk-lable Maloka. From the ideological point of view there is nothing to claim. (Generally, in the band the bass player was the particpant of the known punk-band Molodoi. With their ideology everything was all right!)
Musical part has afflicted me a little... Doesn't it seem to musicians that to play punk in a spirit of Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords-production is not original and is simply INDECENT?!!!
It is a pity, when interesting ideas clothe in a trite platitude...
Certainly, everything is not so hopelessly, however, it would be desirable to hear on the following album more independent material, instead of clones of the American sandwich-punk (I am afraid i won't get following album after this review!)

Obdurate "Misty Flip!" (M 10 Records; www.obdurate.info; www.tourbillion.fr; boblapoudre@wanadoo.fr)
Ska-punk from France full of incomprehensible for me level of happiness.
Last 15 years were simply absent: Operation Ivy had just parted and immidiately Obdurate appeared: "Hey, guys! Don't be afraid! We shall pick up the fallen banner of ska-punk! We'll do everyone with our skills, drive and real american spirit checked up by years!"
And then Mano Negra, Berurier Noir and other famous names of the French punk fuck off! And impossibly large sponsor's money are put in the project! And even on a photo of the band there is the photographer's copyright! And on the t-shirts of each participant of the band there are no antigovernmental slogans, but trade marks of their sponsors! If it is punk, what is punk in general?!
Most likely, I live very badly to estimate similar music adequately...
PS: It was better to release only one song - "Misty Flip!" which is really very original and good!...

Oberon "Sleep Now In the Dark Of Hell" (Pavel Novacek, Tylova 205, Bilina 418 01, Czech Republic; pandora@tiscali.cz)
The young heavy-metal quartet from Czechia, formed only in December, 2002... Knowing my attitude to metal in general and to the musicians playing this music in particular you for certain expect the devastating review! You are wrong!
Despite of all used for death-trash-metal'à stamps and rules, guys from Oberon have decided to go little bit further, and have included some hardcore-elements in the music - it is much more pleasant and more cheerfull to listen such music! In some pieces their music even reminds Austrian Kurort in the middle of '90s a little, and those were not indifferent to metal too...
As a positive moment of the band we can add a "true" political position (and this problems in metal is very seldom) and certainly their creative boldness!
(My advice to musicians: don't be afraid of experiments! With your skills you can get up to the most mad things!!!)

Obomatic "Holy Uncontrollio!!!" (Floating Fish Studios: 160 Sunrise Lane Pottstown, PA 19464 - 5020 USA; troll@floatingfish.com; http://www.floatingfish.com)
New name from Floating Fish Studios! This is a really super-band: in it's structure there are musicians from Any Questions?, the head of it is Steve O (Punch Drunk-!!!).
Very unexpected music: a mix of "new romanticism" with very schizoid "new wave" (Devo, early Tuxedomoon), executed with HC aggression. Sound oversaturated with every possible synthesizers is perfectly supplemented by "alive", very "tasty" on sounding guitar. Vocal - is loved by me from Punch Drunk a heart-rending robo-recitative.
Let's observe some tracks:
"OBO Control" - very difficult thing with a kick aside Morricone.
"Dos Electros" - Depeche Mode meet with Tuxedomoon and decide to play punk-rock!
"The Move" - 100 % hit on a disco for robots (for very quickly moving robots!)
"Bugga Bomb" - industrial rap-core.
I recommend to listen to it right after Punch Drunk.

Odyssey "11 Reasons To Live. 11 Reasons To Die + 3 Songs" tape (3$; Old School Kids; p.o. box 64, 109147, Moscow, Russia; oldschoolkids@yahoo.com; www.oskrecords.com)
According to the usual stereotypes, south-American hardcore is something anarchical-chaotic, with dirty sound and an easy raid of humaneating (greetings to Ratos De Porao!)...
As by default we (-readers of the Real Art magazine) consider that stereotypes and stamps are bad, then the given release of this Brazilian quartet should please us!
American fans of SxE-hardcore will be wiped, but it is much better than the majority of yours fucking bands! Magnificent skills, wild power and simply physically felt drive (- it is very a much drive thing!) and it is not the most important yet! On heat of passions and emotionality Odyssey will give odds to any emo-bands! Plus powerful, choral refrains and heart-rending - expressive vocal of Paulo Selhorst! He-he, add here all possible metaler's things, much scattered on songs (- as I do not like metal I simply prefer not to notice them). Except for the album "11 Reasons To Live. 11 Reasons To Die", released on CD on Caustic Records, there are also recorded three songs from already Belgian international Split - CD "This Is Our Time" with Pointing Finger, Cinder, Reconcil, Day Of The Dead and On x Alert (Still Holding On Records).
As for me, it is great when the Brazilian group is released on Russian label - it should be very long to wait until such excellent release will appear on some American label.
PS: I should note the insert booklet: texts are in English and Russian, excellent polygraphs and design!

Omnid "Live @ Akosm" (omnid@optonline.net)
"Alive" album by "widely known in narrow circles" Albert Casais, recorded with use of guitar, laptop and various electronic equipment.
On a disk there are only two quarter-of-hour compositions, while listening them there was one question: why, when 4 or 5 people record similar music in smart multichannel studio, with uncountable imposings and attraction of (-!!!) sessional musicians the critics name the received result as post-rock and tell me in their reviews to buy this PRODUCT immediately?!!! About the records similar to these, they would thoughtfuly mutter something like "... elitely", "... for the amateurs" and "...only for true judges"! Mongrels!
Here is the real post-rock - in the ideological and technical plan. No aggression (though, you won't find any pacifications here, he-he...), all is constructed on randomly scattered clicks, knocks, scratches, some noise on a background... It is interesting that listening of this disk renders on a brain amusing stimulating effect (contrary to expected meditative and lulling actions) - I advise to try...

Omnid "Thermo" (omnid@optonline.net)
As a matter of fact - it is the same improvised music as on a "alive" album. However, on this disk I would note wider sound palette and a doubtless variety of the submitted tracks (number 5). By the way, you will not name this music minimalistic - it has sated, multilevel sound mix which is not turning into porridge, but it is somehow dense and particularly occupying all sound range.
I should note the most exciting of compositions: "White Shadow" and "White Shadow 2" (in the last "pay attention" to the second plan!!!) - the music of the future!!!

The Original Three "Menage A Trois" ( Robin Clenard, 3119 Magazine street, Upper Apt., New Orleans, LA, 70115 USA;www.original3.com)
The debut album of the young (formed in the summer of 2002) trio from New Orlean. To tell you the truth I was very upset: hard garage-punk'n'roll with the stylish sound (this sound of a bands from the Crypt Records has been forgotten long ago. That is why I don't like them now!), with exciting melodies and unreal expression - AND ONLY SIX SONGS !???
I'll wait unpatiently their new release!
PS: My favorite tracks are: "This Is the Way I'm Walkin'", "This Time" and "The Line".
PPS: Don't change anything!!!

Pacific 231 "Thule Apocalypse" (Old Europa Cafe; Rodolfo Protti, via Marconi 38, 33170 Pordenone, Italy; http://come.to/Old.Europa.Cafe; oec@iol.it)
Reprinting of release of the 1983 of the cult musician of '80 - Pierre Jolivet.
Oversaturated collage sketch for 45 minutes, consisting basically from every possible sounds of near-war subjects: marches, hymns, gallant speeches, explosions, shouts and other things exciting an imagination of impressionable teenager.
It is interesting but one my familiar, having seen the name of a label, has not gone mad nearly for delight ("... These are those Old Europa Cafe!!! They do not have bad releases!!!").
Other my comrade, wishing to look extraordinary radical, somewhere has got audio records of Hitler performances and now shocks all his guests...
In my opinion, the best product about war - "Adventures of gallant soldier Shvejk" by Y. Gashek, and all the rest - either from fools, or from those who has never been on war!...

Parker and Lily "Here Comes Winter" (Houston Party Records: C/Padilla 305, bajos 08025 Barcelona, Spain; www.houstonpartyrecords.com)
The New York duet: Parker Noon (v.) and Lily Wolfe (keyb., v.) debuted in 2001 with the album "Hello Halo", they have put on ears such bastions of independent music as Knitting Factory and CBGB. This, second album, was released by the most interesting Spanish label HPR in October 2002 and, after listening, has made some revolution in my brains.
Tell me, please, who does not love the music sounding in "Twin Peaks"? Be three times damned fucking rascal Badallamenti, but that mood, that extremely minimalistic by way of expressive means, the melancholic romanticism, has hooked on many.
And so. "Here Comes Winter" acts the same way, but is much more powerful. Yes, of course, causing minimalism. Plus: fantastic melodies and simply magic sound (analog hissing of something there...), magnificent arrangements, emotional vocals of both Parker and Lily (and what are the intonations there!) and, as a basis of all album - limiting schizophrenia! (-?!!! - editor) (-!!! - the author)
The best way is to eat 2 - 3 tablets of fenoz"am (drugs), to leave from chamber for a dark and empty hospital corridor with a CD player on your one side and included Parker and Lily, to place hands and TO FLY, imagining yourselves by planning plane... And so we are entertained here.
PS: the sound of a guitar (see for example: "Violet In Violet" or "Bridge And Tunnel") it is possible to pour on jars and to sell for the big money!

Petrograd "nineoneone" (Skuld Releases/Pozoin banaketak/Noiseworks Records: pozoin@teleline.es; www.noiseworks.net; noiseworks@web.de; skankrec@pt.lu; Petrograd, 16 Kettengaass, L-5680 Dalheim, Luxembourg; www.petrograd.lu)
One of the most authoritative bands existing at present, the anarcho-punk group. They were formed in 1996 of splinters of old punk-bands Sabway Arts, No More, Bakunin's Children (-!!! - editor). For this time they've written down some albums, mini CD and splits with various collectives. Now about this release.
For those looking any musical innovations or something radical\brutal\etc there is nothing to do here. In the musical plan everything is rather simple - very qualitatively recorded, superb played punk/rock. Not listening attentively in texts, it is possible to come in a real despair... The main point is in texts. Texts are radical and extremely political here and in general, will give odds to any extremely puking HC-formation.
One of songs is devoted to Carlo Giulianis ("July 20th"), who was shot in Genoa by the policeman at attempt to break his head by the fire extinguisher (during the anti-globalization demonstration, of course).
Together with CD "goes" the 64-page booklet (-!!! - editor) with an article by Noam Chomsky "The New War against Terror" - separate thanks for this!

Polara "Jetpack Blues" (A Susstones Product./ Susstones 3010 Hennepin Avenue South #161, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA/ www.susstones.com)
First of all, I want to mention that Polara is like the elder brother for glorified by me Faux Jean with their album "Nature". "Jetpack Blues" was recorded in the same studio, almost by the same people and was released on same label. (I can imagine you starting to lick lips!...)
However, the elder brother is the elder brother. There where in Faux Jean's stuff there were youthful ardour and energy, in Polara's music we hear constrained, applying on solidity seriousness.
As for me - it is like if the wings have cut off...
PS: the only distraction - is the similar to hysterical Jesus and Mary Chain Polara's song "Hold Onto The Thread".

the Pop Shove Its s/t (106 Arthur Strt, K1R 7C2, Ottawa, Canada; www.popshoveits.com; popshoveits@hotmail.com)
The debut album of a young trio from Toronto (Canada). keep more strong: it reminds the second album of the Clash, gone through a prism of indie-rock of '90s. Everything is very "correct" and predicted here.
It would be desirable for more self-irony, less pop. And to listen to a new album.
PS: Guitar solo could be not so persevering.

Punch Drunk "Unload The Past. Download The Future" (Floating Fish Studios: 160 Sunrise Lane Pottstown, PA 19464 - 5020 USA; troll@floatingfish.com; http://www.floatingfish.com)
The group was formed in 1991 in Southern Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Initially having rejected the sound of "normal" (-he-he! - editor) musical instruments, members of Punch Drunk have concentrated on sequencers, rhythms-machines and computers. The records of 1992-1993 submitted on a disk (one song - live!) allow to assume, that it was not a bad choice...
Devo-similar androido-rhythm in a combination with refined hooliganism like Alien Sex Fiend and desperate, quite human vocal - are the basis of all songs by Punch Drunk. Take into account also very dense sound and limiting rigidity and, sometimes, speed of compositions (while listening to "Karma Mechanics" and "Hardware" I was impressed!...).
Except for already mentioned, I've enjoyed "Daddy Says", "Transmutilator", "Surf Devil" and "My G. I. Joe's Alive".

The Quails "Atmosphere" (Inconvenient Recordings: http://thequails.com)
Firstly, some history: this trio (Julianna Bright - dr. (ex-Electrolettes), Jen Smith - g., (ex-Cha Cha Cabaret) and Seth Lorinczi - b. (ex-Circus Lupus - Dischord-sound fans I order you to tremble!)) was formed in 1999. During summer 2001 on Sara Jaffe's (from Erase Errata) label Inconvenient Rec. they release their first LP: "We Are the Quails". In a year - "Atmosphere" and made a tour in the USA with Sleater-Kinney.
In general, it is not clear for me, how good fellows from Kill Rock Stars could miss such a "bomb" and not fill up their catalogue with such a brilliant, as the Quails!
To describe their music will be difficult.
Take for a basis the Slits, Gang Of Four and Fall, add some soul and no wave, after that - ridiculous vocals (three of them sing), refined sets of the bass guitar, nonstandard manner of drums playing, original melodies and "wrapped up" arrangements.
To "buy" you finally, I'll tell you that sometimes the Quails sounds like late Dog Faced Hermans( - !!!!).
My favorites: "Easy", "Un Bargo Salvido", "Memo From the Desk Of the Quails", "Shine A Light" and "Lovers Of the People".

Daniel Patrick Quinn "Severed From The Land" (Suilven Recordings; www.suilvenrecordings.com; info@suilvenrecordings.com)
Solo album of the 23-years musician from Lancashire (UK), unusual both on design and the contents. Six plays for 35 minutes, capable "to hook" on the amateur of the European avant guarde, it is good for the listenners of non-standard embient and to admirers of the minimalistic jazz. On intonations it is very close to Mark E.Smith (Mark E. Smith), execution reminds melancholic The Velvet Underground and in rare moments Pere Ubu (these were glorified by distortions with their own sound!) and Gong (though, music of the Gong is much more anarchy). All musical (a guitar, a pipe, a violin, a violoncello, percussion, the synthesizer and a bass) and voice parts Daniel Patrick Quinn executes himself - worthy respect egoism.
Very intelligent (/intellectual) music; it would be desirable to amuse yourself with its adequate perception and understanding.

Ratos De Porao "Carniceria Tropical" (Alternative Tentacles)
The most powerful album of the Brazilian veterans of HC-scenes released in '98 on the most suitable for such music label. It impresses till the heart!!!
In 2000 Alt. Tent have r"ublished the debut release of RDP "Sistemados Pelo Crusifa" of '87 (with a heap of bonus-tracks). It was very rare before.
P.S.: an interview with RDP you can read in the first number of the Byelorussian magazine Klek2 .

Ray Daytona & Googoobombos "Space Age Traffic Jam" (Mad Driver Records; via Germanasca 12/b, 10138 Torino, Italia; maddriver@iname.com; www.maddriver.it; www.raydaytona.com)
This is already the second album of R.D.& G. released on promising Mad Driver Rec. - it is possible, that soon Italy will become some kind of Mecca for the garage punk rock. In the beginning - just a couple of names: the cover of digi-pack was drawn by Winston Smith ITSELF (remember his pictures for Dead Kennedys, DOA etc.). The album was recorded by David Lenci ITSELF (if you don't know who is he - ask Àlbini fans for that).
ÎÊ. All 15 songs of the album can be easily divided in three parts: 1) classical surf-songs. I'd like to point out the gloomy "Eggs and Bones" (some kind of disturbing - aggressive "Rumble"), "Weird On The Moon" (a friendly "hello" to Man Or Astroman?) and not so aggressive, made in the spirit of the best stuff of the Ventures "Bikini Barhaus" and "Big George". I have not yet mentioned "Arizona Strip" - with excellent tunes and absolutely mad arrangement!...;
2) most powerful instrumental punk-garage songs: "Scrambler", "GKG", " Thunder Ass "... "UFO" sound of the keyboard adds special taste to the majority of songs (this sound is so liked by me since the times of Larry and The Left Hand);
3) vigorous and extremely aggressive punk-garage-hymnes: "2 Is Better than 1" (in my opinion, there was the influence of Billy Childish), the songs full of spirit of the '60-s are "Texas Saucer Contact", "Spider In My Head", "Nothing To Lose" and absolutely the hit of this album - "Monster Stomp"!
Well, I've described everything so beautiful and delicious - but it is so. Probably, the drummer have to be more brave a little, and it is better to raise slightly the volume of all rhythm-section. But without all that - we have received an excellent album of garage R'n'R, full of new and unexpected ideas and also quality performed quotations and hints of the classics of this style.

Reaching Forward "The Conflict"(Refuse Records / c/o Robert, P.O.Box 7, 02-792 Warsaw 78, Poland / Xrefusex@go 2.pl)
Viva Refuse Records!!! On the one cassette there is the debut LP "For The Cause", 2 songs from the 7" split from Ensign, 3 songs from the 7" split from Bloodpact, 1 track not released before plus 15 (!!!) songs from Y2K - Festival in Czechia!
To get acquainted with the HC band #1 in Holland it is more than enough!
Their music is the most powerful old-school HC with aggressive vocal and furious choral refrains. The texts - I take off a hat - very honor and sincere (in the booklet they are on Polish and English!), with a heap of "lifted" problems of the HC - scene, and daily life of the normal man.
And on the fucking great end - there are the covers of S.O.I.A. ("Pushed Too Far" - Banzay!), Manliftingbanner ("Donkey Shot" - already 2 times) and Youth Of Today ("Break Down the Walls" - more caution with it, guys!).

Rifu "Revolutionary Tango (The Slavery Dance)" ( www.dsing.no/records, info@dsing.no)
The most revolutionary hardcore I've heard lately!
Last years amusing tendencies appeared in HC: from the leveling of musician's appearance (huge quantity of menacing tattoos, athletic bodies like any fucking Arnold has) and their behavior (an image of such a street hooligan with incredibly thin emotional feelings is in a style nowadays) to monotonous lowering their texts on a family-household level (as it is written in the reviews "...disclosing of the private world...": one-way love or shared but suddenly broken love, plus any delirium named the personal message).
Fuck you with all your private world!!!
Rifu: the texts are quite suitable for the program of some radical left party (sometimes it reaches citing "International") plus perfectly played (at the present HC-bands quality always was a weak place) and brilliant recorded HC. By the way, the music is very inventive and various inserts in different styles will result you in easy confusion more than once.
My favorite songs are: "Youth Of Today" and "Turn Us On Turn Us Off" (though when you like the whole album and are penetrated by genuine respect for the band it is difficult to point out something...)

Rifu "Dead End Street"( www.dsing.no/records, info@dsing.no)
The newest album of the Norwegian HC-quartet. Excellent design of the booklet (radical political pictures and photos, texts of the songs and 2 articles: talking about technical progress and about essence of the musical industry)! In music, in my opinion, there were some changes. No, an ingenuity of the arrangements and freshness of the themes have remained on the former - the high level. Touching smack of emo simply appeared. In a combination with the most powerful hardcore it gives - an infernal mix!!!
I'll name with pleasure the most bombing songs: "Destroy the Machines", "Common Goal", "In Stole My Heart, It Stole My Mind" (here it is similar to brutal version of Fugazi!) and "You Can't Beat the Feeling... Can You".
I strongly recommend!!!

Stacie Rose "This Is Yours" (The official bootleg) (Enchanted Records; enchantedmedia@hotmail.com; www.stacierosemusic.com)
The annual report of concert activity of Stacie Rose and her band in various clubs of New York. An excellent storyteller, Stacie for some reason (read: what for) executes quiet, hardly melancholic songs from a powerful text component. Recollecting that nightmare to which Susan Vega "has slid", I shall notice that to listen Stacie Rose much more pleasantly and, due to her own monologue, more cheerfully.
If to add madnesses and craziness "with all the heart" - it would turn into Dufus

Stacie Rose "This Is Mine" (The official bootleg) (Enchanted Records; enchantedmedia@hotmail.com; www.stacierosemusic.com)
Debut studio album of the young American, persistently doesn't like the definition "the girl with a guitar". When I saw on a cover an inscription "Produced by Robert Smith" - I was impressed. But when I have got accustomed - "Robert L. Smith"... Continuous disappointments...
No, an album is not so bad at all as its cover looks. Soft indie, on the border with pop, with high-quality instrumental execution and professional arrangements. The part of songs is made in an accoustic key, that only emphasizes the importance of the texts by Stacie Rose.
I liked the most approached to indie, in my understanding, "Promised Land" and "Swimmers and Slaves".
Somebody there, give her to listen to something from 4AD of the beginning of the 90s!

Saint Rose "Say What You Say" (31 Recordings; www.saintrose.co.uk; http://welcome.to/rocklands ; lovepeacemusic@clara.co.uk)
Hopeless melancholy... You, guys, live too well, if dare yourselves to play such songs!
A light spirit of psychodelia of the '60s has pleased me (I hope, I was not mistaken?!!!) and crazy guitars on the second plan in the song "Say What You Say" also. The last track "Your World Will Change" - is in acoustics (in Russia it means to record vocal on a dictaphone under the accompany of a broken acoustic guitar).

Satirnine "No Blessings. No Reasons." " (Big Brothel Records; BBC, Box 6170, SE-102 33 Stockholm, Sweden; http://bigbrothelrecords.cjb.net; everythingy@hotmail.com; satirnine@hotmail.com)
Three songs by the Swedish girl quartet. Their music and power is the closest to the best representatives of the British punk of the '70s (such as Penetration) and, though it may be strangely enough, to modern production of the American label Kill Rock Stars.
If you are not indifferent to classical punk-rock, moreover with female vocal and with magnificent execution and real drive then it is right for you!
Yeah, they sing in English...

Gunter Schroth "Barcode Music" (Archegon; c/o Guenter Schroth, Raimundstr. 100, 6. OG, 60320 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; www.archegon.de; archegon@t-online.de)
The solo album by the leader of improvisational formations Six and More, known by their radical avant-noise-releases even in ours province...
It is funny but 8 tracks from it represent all musical interpretations of various bar codes (I can easily imagin to myself how "real" guys climb on a stage with bottles of beer asking: "Hey Bro, try this one!..."). Pardon me, I have distracted...
All this sounds rather chaotically, however with interesting and even successful moments. For certain, the role of the musician is not so modest as they try to inspire us (in attempt to keep the concept...), therefore I'll attribute all the pluss of this album on Gunter Schroth's account. One of the tracks - not very distinct experiments with vinyl (with the help of Claus van Bebber), and the penultimate 10-minute track is recorded with female vocal of Franziska Quandt - it is a very unusual combination of a musical component and live human voice!
Generally, in spite of the fact that bar codes in this case seem "farfetched" to me (or probably it is simply an excellent PR joke!), the album can be attributed as innovative and moderately radical experimental music.

Shy Rights Movement 7'' (www.geocities.com/kawtapes; kawtapes@hotmail.com)
It is the unlimitedly melancholic and depressive duet (Mark Ritchie - guitar and vocal, Paul Doucet - guitar, bass and drums), forcing to remember the best times of the English post-punk of the beginning of the '80s. Marking melodism and very original mood, inherent to this band, I can not to tell about some slackness and relaxation... Though, what do I want - it is melancholy...

[sic] "... And Rabbits Named Friday" (Squirrelgirl Records; PO Box 60124, CSP Saint Denis Montreal, QC H2J 4E1, Canada; royk@squirrelgirl.com; http://squirrelgirl.com)
The debut album of Canadian musician Jen Morris (aka [sic]) undoubtedly will come to taste as to fans of modern electronic avant guarde and also to listenners of post-rock and even embient. No eclecticism - for 46 minutes [sic] balances on hardly distinct in this case sides between these directions, creating rather integral and self-sufficient product. A gloomy spirit of the album is created by the basic melodic lines, at minor levels there are senseless arrhythmic and atonal sounds characteristic of post-rock - I know you'll be horryfied having read it!... Actually, it drives and forces the brain to work (apparent at first sight ease and meditativeness of the album are dec"tive! We have serious and deep work here!).
Yes, the most important: despite of presence of several sound/semantic/emotional levels in each composition, it doesn't sound like a noisy heap - the musician had enough courage and taste to dissect away all superfluous and to receive somekind of magnificent minimalism.

[sic] "Waking Up" (SIC / Nizze Nilsson, c/o Halsius, Lerbaclsgrand 18 124 66 Bandhagen, Sweden / http://www.planetsic.com)
Swedish (Norrtalje / Stockholm) punk-rock/HC band. The leader of [sic] - Nizze - since '80th took active participation in life of Swedish punk-scene, having played in a heap of groups (Sighgtens Grannar, Nepente), other musicians participated in such collectives as DHS, AS, Carl Brandt and De Osaligas Kapell and even in the folk band Tva Fisk och En Flask in the past. After recording their first demo in '99 (in the Swedish language) - under the initial name of the project Dace, the band has been renamed on [sic] and has recorded down their debut 8-songs CD in English. It was very high-quality aggressive punk/HC, not lacked melodism and interesting decisions in the arrangements of the songs.
P.S.: On the CD - there is the resolution to use these songs for any compilations and on the Internet sites (there is only one request - to let the band know about it). 10 points!

Sick 56 "Recipe For Disaster" (£6 incl. p+p JSNTGM Records, p.o. Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA, UK; www.jsntgm.com)
12 real punk-Oi! hymns from England! Made in the best traditions of Britain Oi! I am sure - you've been waiting for a long time for something like that with some influences of UK Subs in the times of "Another Kind Of Blues". The texts are very political and are worthy to occur as the slogans on antigovernment and anti-war demonstrations. Their energetic is crazy from the very beginning of the album till the end.
I think that such labels as TKO or Beer City would hang for the right to release such kind of bands.
P. S.: I want to mention the brilliant quality of the recording and the excellent musical skills of playing which are not so often in this musical style (it treats both to the rhythm section and to the guitar players).

Silence Kit s/t (contact: silencekit@mail.ru)
Aleksey Borisov -the chief of "Exotic", should be immensly glad because in our country similar bands appear and are "released"!
Most likely that many listenners will find much in common at Silence Kit with some post-rock-bands. As I do not understand this musical direction, I shall refrain from a mention of this term further ...
Generally, what post-rock to hell 'm talking!...
The first track ("Transmiss To Fades") has reminded early works by Glenn Branca by the monumentalism and it's variety (-?!!!).
The following thing ("28+2") - Death In Vegas romanticism and melodism with a transition to other area of romanticism - from the middle of the song the spirit of Death In June is obviously looked through, and it comes to an end with powerful drive and expression!
"Francesca White" - not without influence of British indie of the end of the '80s - the beginning of the '90, with a small mix of the guitar noise. In some places the song reminds a parody on the Pixies (as for me the whole album would be in such spirit!!!). Have you heard a lot of similar music?
"Lunik" and "Lunik: Ceremony" - again a magnificent mixture of romanticism (in some places it is very much grandiose!) and classical indie with modern, but be not frightened, very respectful and delicate approach to it.
"Soul Departure" - our answer to Sonic Youth! As against the last Silence Kit has beautiful (I have not told "pop"!) melodies and rather interesting structure of songs!
The album comes to an end with the 14-minute real kraut-rock-composition "Objects In the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear/No=Fear", gradually turning in any most powerful post-punk-noise-attack!
And now overlook all the names and the titles mentioned in this review and agree with me that it would be very short-sighted to disregard such group...
PS: all of them play "live"!!!

Simon Chainsaw "Down To the Wire" (Nova Express; 21 Chemin des Carrieres 71150 Chagny, France; Kaisernova@aol.com; www.simonchainsaw.com)
Solo album of the ex-participant of the cult Australian band Vanilla Chaisaw, who played with musicians of such legendary collectives as Screaming Tribesmen and Celibate Rifles later.
The submitted 12 songs are made in a such detailed style, inherent to some american bands of the "supreme garage league": wide punk-n-roll, heavy, aggressive sound, thus all songs are very melodious and professionally well played - serious people, serious music, serious execution! In general, this record is not similar on the "classical" australian garage-rock represented, for example, by Off The Hip label. I do not think it will frighten you.
The album is recorded in Kaiser Studio with participation of the French musicians (members of Holy Curse, Hawaii Samurai, Ecureuils qui Puent and Johnny Rio who plays with Sonny Vincent) and released on Nova Express. The producer is Lucas Trouble. He is the quality symbol...

Six And More "Way Out" (Archegon; c/o Guenter Schroth, Raimundstr. 100, 6. OG, 60320 Frankfurt am Main, Germany; www.archegon.de; archegon@t-online.de)
A little background, firstly: One my old comrade, Rusic, in the 1992 decided using visa confusion to visit as a wild tourist the former Soviet republics of Transcaucasia. He decided to start from Baku. He bought the train ticket, any visas were not required yet... On the eve of departure he received the parcel post - he had ordered by mail somewhere from Izhevsk some cassettes with local avant guarde. Then in the evening he put one of the cassettes into the tape recorder - there were something like scratches, knoking, sometimes like murmur, in general - it was a quiet complex music, hurriedly you won't understand. He decided to take these cassettes with himself to listen in the cassette-player on his way, and he planned to arrange a change with some melomans in Baku...
More shortly, he reached Baku normally. When he left a train on the platform - he has been tied, they showed their documents "State security", pushed him in the car and drove to the local KGB office. They took away his personal things, put him in the chamber. He sat for some days there... On the third day he was invited on interrogation.
It appears, that they have noticed him even in a train: with long hair, an earring, in fragmentary jeans and a t-shirt, constantly with the cassette-player. He was identified as the Armenian spy!!! (I shall remind that the Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been proceeded there).
The inspector offered him to confess in all at once. He was not surprised to Rusic's refusal and bewilderment, but only significantly let him know that much about him is known to them.
It proceeded for some days while the enraged Baku security officer has not shouted during the next Rusic's refusal to admit espionage for the benefit of Armenia:
- Not the spy, yes?!!! And what is this then?!!! - and he got from a box of table his cassettes. - We have already deciphered almost all of them!!!
There was no limit to Rusic's surprise! Firstly he tried to understand all he had heard and then he started to be justified - It is music...
The inspector without speaking a word took one tape and inserted it into the tape recorder: they heard scratches, clicks and howlings typical for the Izhevsk avant guarde.
-Is this music? - the security officer has maliciously asked with a significant smile...
In some days they understood a mistake. Rusic was droven on the state machine to the train station and sent home to Volgograd due to seeing off side. He finished studying of Transcaucasia after it and turned his glance to the Western Europe, but it is already absolutely other history. It is surprising that Baku State Security returned him all his things, including the "ciphered" tapes.
Coming back to Six And More: on this CD there are compositions from four concerts made in various places, by various structures of musicians recorded (in general, it is necessary to notice that Six And More is not a traditional group in a habitual understanding. It is some kind of musically-improvisation club of the adherents gathering for the period of recording, and in the rest of the time its participants are engaged in their personal projects). It sounds very much wholy and much more academically than John Zorn's similar inventions.
Instead of the resume: this music will puzzle any counterspy!

Sleazy Listeners, the "The Romance Is Over" (Squirrelgirl Records; PO Box 60124, CSP Saint Denis Montreal, QC H2J 4E1, Canada; royk@squirrelgirl.com; http://squirrelgirl.com)
The bright example of what a magnificent thing can turn out as a result of cooperation of versatile musicians! In a structure of a duet: Zev Asher - the vocalist from the known Canadian noise-rock-trio Nimrod (1987-1996), he also make documentary films; the second participant of The Sleazy Listeners - Lasse Marhaug - the Norwegian nooise-musician known from the beginning 90 both as solo-actor, and as the participant of such projects as DEL, Jazzkammer and The Nordic Miracle.
And now about the album itself. He-he, you won't believe but it is quite possible to make some absolutely new musical directions considerably distinguished from each other from it!
Let's name the analogiest! In "Casual Sects" there is a spirit of Psychic TV; "Dumping Grounds" influences with it's melody on subconsciousness and "makes" "Love's Secret Domain" by Coil (it means very much for me!!!); a pair of tracks ("Rich Dolls" and "Cutting School") are mockingly lewd and shocking (they sound as considerably mad porno! - well it is a case when it is better to hear once...); from time to time mocking intonations are excellently combined with lounge-mood ("Quality Time", "More Dew", "Rotoscoping") and uniquitous noisy landscapes; innuendo and certain mysteriousness send us to Coil again to the album "Music To Play In the Dark"... Well!
In my opinion, it is one of the most interesting albums of the innovative music I've got for the last couple of years!

Speedball Jr. "Whiplash" (Drunkabilly Records: Postbus 87-9050 Ledeberg 1 - Belgium; www.drunkabilly.com)
Smart gift for all Surf-fans from probably the best in Europe punk-garage-surf-RnR label Drunkabilly Records (remember Fifty Foot Combo?)!
The debut album of young Belgian band (since 2000) contains 10 tracks and one video-clip (special thanks for the video!). Music? Forget about garage! Forget about sixties influences! 10 tracks of most powerful high-quality Neo-Surf with certain, little ascetic rhythm-section and almost classical surf-guitar. Almost - because in the majority of songs in "refrain" it sounds like an abrasive squeal - you've never heard something like that!!!
Unconditional hits: Mars Attack, V8 (watch the video!!!), Space Run, Dr. Evil and Planet Fairplayers.
The best recommendations!

Spiv "Don'tcha Know?" (Pop Sweatshop, PMB 148, 2103 Harrison Ave NW, #2 Olympia, WA 98502 / www.popsweatshop.com)
The brilliant beginning of the album - their four songs ("Don'tcha Know?", "Not For Years", "Everybody's A Rock Star Tonight", "Goddess Surprise") are made in the style of punk-rock of 70-s (they reminded me in someway the first album of the Clash), with exciting melodies, measured rhythm and strong drive.
Then there is something outrageous began: acoustic ballads together with electro (I hardly wrote "techno"!) songs (luckily they aren't instrumental!).
As far as I know, the wish to be loved by everyone never lead to anything good...

The Spores"Not Now" (Flitwick Records / PO Box 26, Flitwick, Beds, MK 45 1TJ, UK)
Very real garage psychodelic sound, the average "rock" rhythm and modern electronic effects create only more magic spirit of the '60th (I mean not about hippy, of course!). It is somewhere between Linden and Patti Smith.

Stephen J "Off the Rails" (The Flat, c/o Ian Allan Motors, Virginia Water, Surrey, GU25 4BT, UK; Stephenjmusic@hotmail.com)
Perhaps, this is one of the best classical British "indie", I've heard for the last couple of years! By the way, not long ago I've recorded the piracy(bootleg) CD-R of the Smiths, and the comparison is obviously not for the benefit of sickly-sweet narcissism by Morissy...
When I praise so much this disk, understand me right: I speak generally about the only one song from the three submitted on CD - "Finger On the Trigger"! It is a 100 % hit which will hook both brutal punk and amateur of easy alternative music! In Europe as far as I know there are many different musical radio stations - if they don't rotate this song yet - then the full cretins are sitting there!!!
Two other things are impregnated with a spirit of independent British stage of the second half of the '80s and perceived as rather pleasant and a little nostalgic bonus.

Stranger's Six, the "The Inaugural" (8479 Melrose Lane, El Cajon, CA 92021 USA; thestrangers6@hotmail.com; www.strangerssix.com)
A debut album by rather non-standard punk-bands. The non-standard of this band is shown as in music executed by them (he-he, whether you will find much of the bands inspired with creativity of the Clash, Misfits and late Danzig?), and in a paradoxical combination of magnificent melody and true power of hardcore! It is listened - on one breath! Reproaches in nonmodernity I sweep aside, as full delirium - they sound very "actually", not losing thus of respect to above-named classics of the style.
In last track ("Rejoice"), according to a present fashion, except for the first part of the song and the pair-minute fragment of noisy bollocks folowing it, we can find the magnificent grandiose-Gothic composition ("7th Circle") with the finest vocal of Arianne Carey - the excellent final of the album!
Much promising. It would be desirable, that musicians "have somewhat quicker got the hand" and have released their second more long disk!...

Susan and the Surftones "Wrap-Around" (OMOM; Susan L. Yasinski 12390 NW Barnes Rd. #294 Portland, OR 97229, USA; www.omomworld.com; www.susanandthesurftones.com; surftones_2000@yahoo.com)
More fresher album, containing already 5 great cover-versions: "Peter Gunn" and "Ghost Rider In the Sky" in almost classical execution. "More", "Blues Theme" and it is completely unexpected "Should I Stay Or Should I Go" - you know, whose song is it ... R.I.P.
The band has a very non-standard style, basically due to unusual solo by Susan herself - he-he, my comrade has truly noticed: it looks like she took lessons from Robert Fripp in his Frippertronic! In a combination to precise work of rhythm-section (oh, how much I liked some sets of a bass-guitar!), her intricate, bound with each other solo make fantastic, almost hypnotic impression (and all this on decent speed and with strong drive!).
The best compositions are: "Blondes In Cars", "Nina's Empty Glass" (-I can listen to this thing for hours!!!) and "Casper Reef".
If you search for something not absolutely usual of surf-music - do not pass this band!

Susan and the Surftones "The Originals" (ACME Brothers Records; Susan L. Yasinski 12390 NW Barnes Rd. #294 Portland, OR 97229, USA; www.omomworld.com; www.susanandthesurftones.com; surftones_2000@yahoo.com)
The real opening for me - this magnificent surf-band under the leadership of Susan L. Yasinski! 14 high-quality compositions (only one of them is "alien"), possessing all attributes necessary for surf and, at the same time, having, very original handwriting. Probably, all case is in Susan itself and her manner of playing - she manages to compose amazing melodies, diluting with their exotic colour and to execute them (she plays on a guitar) in very original, not often for similar music manner - puzzled as if knitted the string of a solo-guitar is unexpectedly built in a graceful on beauty melody.
From time to time guitar solo is supported by magic sounding of organ and, absolutely seldom, saxophone.
As well as in a case with my favourite surf band Fifty Foot Combo, it is possible to receive a lot of pleasure from attempt to track a direction of musical imagination of Susan and her comrades!
The best track - "Tabu" - gloomy, hardly a grandiose/solemn composition with magnificent rhythm-section and constrained guitar solo.
... And "Blue Hammer 99" is even better - the most characteristic (and "touching") "theme" for this group - with that organ and "walking" guitar!

Tesla Waves - 3 songs CD's (Roelof Wijtsma, Noorderbinneusingel 78, 9712 XG Groningen, the Netherlands / jaapfeenstra@hotmail.com)
Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) is known as one of the radio inventor (-!!!?). But till nowdays it has been hardly kept in a secret that during his experiments with radio communication, he was sure that he was in contact with representatives from other world... He explained that he was so successful because he tried his experiments in the parallel world first...
Ian Curtis would love Tesla Waves music!
I think you got what I wanted to say...
The Best Recomendations!

Thema 11 "Choose Your Beast" (5$; Proxima Records/Old School Kids; p.o. box 64, 109147, Moscow, Russia; oldschoolkids@yahoo.com; www.oskrecords.com)
Czech near-emo-hardcore-band (-Czech continues to surprise us! Whence in such a small country there is so much cool bands?). Practically all songs are played in the same measured rate, however there is no speech about any monotony - almost meditative mix of two guitars and sometimes quiet sometimes shouting vocalist induce on ideas about Fugazi with more powerful sound and a refined sound variety (the ending of the song "The Cogs" turns into real noisy squall of guitars and some whistling things). Besides that - rather complex designs of the songs, with their doubtless melodism (the question is not about three-accords melodies!) - it is completely not necessary to be the fan of emo-core to become interested in Thema 11!

Third To None "The Best Secrets" (c/o Jeff Krenn, 63 Dover Drive, Delmar, NY 12054 USA; jeff@thirdtonone.com; www.thirdtonone.com)
Full of unattainable happiness pop-punk. Even I envy a little that to someone it can be so well!...
Buy this disk and be pleased for these guys, that in this world full of troubles and injustice some guys are so happy!

Tiki Tiki Bamboooos s/t (Kamikaze Records; http://tikitiki.de; miyaji@tikitiki.de)
The band, in which: "the son of the Czechoslovak astronaut and the known actress Êon Tiki" plays on the guitar, the bass player (female) was born in a shell and the drummer has found his talent on his mom's kitchen (having begun to play by the spoons) - how can I, may be rejudicedly, not fall in love with this trio?!!!
Their very interesting sound - exotic surf in a combination with a real garage spirit of the 60-s. Add some songs in English-Japanese language (sounding as a tribute to Beach Boys made by Kill Rock Stars!!!), rather courageous quoting of classics of this style (Dick Dale, Sandals, Surftones etc.), excellent music skills and sense of humor.
Two weeks back I have recorded a CD-R of Ventures with their first 19 (-!!!!) albums - to be honest, since that time I've listened to Tiki Tiki Bamboooos more often...

Transmissions, thee "Witchcraft For Modern Mothers" (theetransmissions@mail.com; fred@laird16.freeserve.co.uk)
The 3 songs of rather uneasy British trio. Uneasy because when the first song "Extinction" has begun to sound, I have instantly recollected that very old "live" record of MC5 - absolutly the same atmosphere and spirit!!! The magnificent thing not deprived to some grandiosity! The next "Scream In the Modern Life" would be an ornament of any psychedelic compilation of the 60th years - with easy east smack and other-wordly work of the guitar...
The last track "The Ghost In the Light" lasts for more than 7 minutes, it somehow combines both elements of a psychedelia, pop-moments, and even something from easy guitar indie in itself (the guitar really drives here!...).
Basically, on these songs it is already clear that it is rather non-standard collective, however, for a full estimation, it would be desirable to listen more.
PS: right after Thee Transmissions I had a great pleasure to listen to ÌÑ5, which i haven't heard for the last 5-7 years!!!

Twigs "Epicure" (Endearing Records; www.endearing.com; http://privat.ub.uib.no/bubfs/twigs.htm; finn.solemdal@ub.uib.no)
The English-Norwegian quartet which has gathered in 1998. The third CD of the band got to our hands has forced us to feel pleasant "nostalgia" on nice '80s! If you search for the really interesting indie, mixed on the spirit of 4AD, easy noise and the melodious post-punk the Twigs is what you need. I have not overlooked to mention magnificent female vocal (Katy)? Have I said about the most dense, confused mix of the two guitars? Skilled and inventive rhythm - section?...
Yes, one more: a half of the songs from this album - are potential hits (I mean not only the untwisted "Divulge" but "Eleven", "Small", ""Epicure" (-!!!) and "Ego-Valentine").
In my opinion, a worthy piece.

Uberhund 7'' (Isota Records; 1442a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com; mattt108@hotmail.com)
Who could think that in 2004 (-I mean me and a couple of my comrades) will lack such kind of music!...
Actually, for a long time already nobody plays so! It is as though I have got an unknown single of the end of the '70s with the record of any rare post-punk-band!!! It is sounds a little like the Fall, sometimes like the earliest the Sisters Of Mercy...
The second song - is the most magnificent noise-version of "No Hands" by Echo and The Bunnymen!
By the way, the 7'' was released on the most interesting label Isota Records, only supporting by such kind of releases the r"utation of the supplier of nonstandard and unusual music.See interview!

The Unchayned 4 tracks CD (Reverb Records; 130 Wilton Road Salisbury Wilts. SP2 7LA UK; www.geocities.com/theunchayned; theunchayned@netscape.net)
The real primitive punk-garage in a spirit of compilaions of rare and practically unknown garage rock of the '60 "Back From the Grave" and "Garage Punk Unknowns"!!! Really, the band sounds so, that it is difficult to get used to an idea that is modern record (what a smart ALIVE sound!!! Why does nobody record like this nowadays?!!!).
All four tracks are incredibly aggressive and hit (no waggings to psychedelia or something similar), and the vocalist shouts so, as if he has got used to sing without a microphone (estimate the force of his voice on the second track!!!).
For a dense fconcept on a cover there is a sign "mono", disks are made out as 7" and even the photos of the band from a promo-package are black-and-white... I was touched!...

The Unchayned "Rare and Exciting Covers" (Reverb Records; 130 Wilton Road Salisbury Wilts. SP2 7LA UK; www.geocities.com/theunchayned; theunchayned@netscape.net)
Four and a half of the most magnificent cover-versions of sign and cult songs: "Wildman" by the Tamrons, "I Found A New Love" by Ognir and the Night People, "Yes I Do" by the Hatfields, "Camanche" by Link Wray and too courageous interpretation of "Hang Up" by the Wailers (I have counted it as a half).
The band has a real ALIVE sound a la '60s, mad power and excellent taste - look once again at the list of songs... It is interesting, that executing Link Wray the musicians could avoid banal recurrence of the original and have made it in aggressive punk-garage-manner.
An excellent band with very rare music for nowadays!

Union Jack "This Is Rock and Roll" (Beer Records; 42, rue de la plante des champs, 95360 Montmagny, France; www.beer-records.com; beerrecords@aol.com)
The French representatives of so-called "Bad Ska"! For certain, many fans of good ska with melancholy look on listened up to holes Operation Ivy CD and reflect on injustice of modern show business... Well, firstly, show business was always nasty and the example of many convinces - it is better not to going into it! Second, the magnificent continuers of famous OpIvy - Union Jack are before us! Fascinating, extremely dynamical, without any "lyrical" moments ska is here with a saxophone and vinylic scratches (-!!!), with powerful choral refrains and excellent melodies! The vocalist sings in English, and his recitative with a mouth full by a saliva will warm hearing of admirers of Jesse shouting in Operation Ivy!
On me this disk influence as "Energizer" - from one listening I collected drive for the whole day!...

Vialka "The Republic Of The Bored and Boring" (http://www.vialka.com)
This is a very much interesting (by it's design and contents) five-songs release by the extremely cosmopolitan duet (Eric Boros - guitar and vocal, Marylise Frecheville - drums and vocal). Despite of obvious minimalistic expressive means Vialka plays very much sated and extremely difficult in the technical plan avant-punk, very much reminding a punk version of the Swiss Les Halmas. Melodiously, them puzzled ingenuity has forced to recollect about early Dog Faced Hermans and some European art-anarchists of the end of '80.
Certainly - it is a very non-standard and difficult music for the unprepared listenners.
Yes, and about the design of this album: it is recorded on a small 22-minute disk and enclosed in the booklet made as the passport ("Vialka Passeport") - I've never seen something like this...

Virus.Con "England Dreaming" (BlackRed Records; PO Box 53, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4WA, UK; Vcon2k@aol.com)
Rather respectful reversal to the classics of punk - SEX PISTOLS "God save the Queen". THEY ARE NOT REMIXES AT ALL!!!
The first song - "Englands Dreaming" - most powerful techno-punk-hit, reminding Atari Teenage Riot, Alien Sex Fiends and Sex Pistols at one time! After it follows gloomy 12-minute dub ("England In Dub"), then - two songs ("England In Dream" and "Englands Nightmare"), it's aggressiveness and perversion more close to mockeries of Alien Sex Fiends.
Abstract: if you want to listen to MODERN punk-rock and simultaneously experience mild nostalgia on classics of a genre - this album is for you.See interview!

Virus.Con "Moral Hypocrisy" (BlackRed Records; PO Box 53, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 4WA, UK; Vcon2k@aol.com)
Extremely political album devoted to events, following after September 11, and an evil triumvirate: Bush / Blair / Bin Laden.
The political component is very well combined with musical - severe punk-techno with aggressive, almost HC-guitar.
I consider such music (by the way, whether it is only music?) to be much more interesting, more urgent and more honest than songs of some bands about how cool it is to get drunk by beer, to be rolled on skateboard and in what way it is better to be recognized in love to your girlfriend from college...
In a list of Thanks there are - Crass, Biafra, Tit Wrench, Subhumans, Conflict, ATR and so on.
I recommend it very much!See interview!

V/A "5 Anni Sulla Strada" (Riot Records; Viale Monza, 26 - 20127 Milano, Italy; riotrec@tin.it; http://www.riotrecords.com)
The two-disk compilation of modern punk from the lable Riot Records faultless in the ideological plan . Except for well known Los Fastidios, Klasse Kriminale and Stinking Polecats, there are 27 more bands to our attention. Especial miracles on this compilation you won't find, however the level of groups, quality of songs and playing will give you many pleasant moments. It is impossible to miss: Klasse Kriminale with fervent Oi!-hymn "Goal", magnificent hardcore-track by Lafalce, furious and loud emo "Linea Rosa" by Dint, puzzled punk-n-roll in "Fed Up" by Fiftyardsmore, "Ross" by Laghettoa reminds south-american experimental hardcore-group, not typical for Los Fastidios Oi!-hit "You'll Never Walk Alone", a smart cover "Goonies'r'Good Enough" in performance by Manges and kitty Kowalski, "Proud Mary" by J.Fogerty with almost Meatmen's power in version by Peawees, the wide punk-n-roll "Your Babe's In My Head" by Stinking Polecats and incredibly powerful instrumental "Manine" by Tempo Zero balancing on a side between emo and post-rock.
As against the majority of modern american compilations there are practically no so-called pop-punk and pop-hardcore.
On booklet there is a dedication to Carlo Giuliani, shot by a policeman during the antiglobalist action in Genoa.

V/A "7 songs from Rhythm Ace Records" (Rhythm Ace Recordings, Mats Gronmark, Grondalsvagen 35, 11766 Stockholm, Sweden; www.eveandthelastwaltz.com or www.rhythmace.se)
The promo CD with 7 songs of three Sweden bands: Burek V, Eve & the Last Waltz & Hellon.
Burek V - trio with melancholic lo-fi rock. From my point of view - they are dull a little. May be they should add more lo-fi or some optimism, I don't know.. Reading the review on their single in Groove (The leading Swedish musicpaper - !!!) :"....I've played this single over and over again.", I felt sorry for that reviewer. Probably there were good and funny tunes on that single, I don't know...
Eve & the Last Waltz - This is a Bomb! Sounds like Nico in the times of Velvet Underground and Tom Waits! Eva Lalander's vocal - is higher than any praise. Pathetic, it touches the soul by intonations and halftones, close on tone to a voice of the person of the same age as Boris Eltsin... And only two songs!....
The last song of the band Hellon reminds Eve and the Last Waltz very much, I am sure, that the people from the label have mixed up something and I'll never hear Hellon any more. To tell the truth, I liked Eve and the Last Waltz so much that I wasn't very upset.

V/A "90% Wasser" (90% Wasser Records; Schliemannstr. 13, D-10437 Berlin, Germany; http://www.column-one.de; webmaster@column-one.de )
The compilation of the musicians issued on the Berlin label 90 % Wasser. label is a part of Methods To Survive Network association. I quote an authoritative in this question web-site of the Magazine "independent Electronic Music": "(Methods To Survive Network) is based on the idea according to which each individual is possible to present as result of addition of life experience, both his own and all those who surrounds him. Thus, the past and the present will be restructured and will be reorganized in a certain network in which components of ego will be transformed similarly to a collage." More clearly it is not possible to say!
Certainly it would be desirable to note Column One with their fantastic "White Errors - Language", provocative - fatal Le Bach ("Wurfelkanon"), classical dadaism "Art To Dance" (Rechenzentrum v/s Column One) (robots like to dance too!!!)
For the amateurs of authorities and loud names I'll notice that on the compilation there are also Francisco Lopez and... hold on - a record by Genesis P-Orridge with Frieder Butzmann made in the 1981. In my opinion it would be possible to ignore them...

V/A "Antipodean Screams" (Off The HipPO Box 1211 Carlton Vic 3053 Australia; www.offthehip.com.au )
The magnificent compilation of modern Australian garage rock!!!
The amount of the first class bands collected on one CD impresses much (we should thank Mickster for it, because he selected the material!), and, the extremely rare piece for many labels - the extremely informative booklet (articles about each band, the photo and the program manifest "Antipodean Screams Right Now! The Australian Underground 2003").
And certainly, some words about the strongest things:
Spencer P.Jones - rather impudent mod/punk, reminding early Elvis Costello;
the Frantics -garage punk impregnated by the '60s with the keys magnificent by sound;
the Intercontinental Playboys - the distortions in the style of Cramps with "human" vocal. 100 % hit!!! (From my prejudiced view it is possible to make only a hit from Cramps!...)
the Drones - a very emotional psychodelic blues with some theatrical intonations;
the Stoneage Hearts - a clockwork, very gloomy theme with a strong element of exotic;
the Uptight - an extremely impudent song, sometimes reminding the Seeds. Only one lack - it is too short...;
Driveway Service - the real superband! The complicated rhythm and powerful energy... In the band there are the participants of Breadmakers, Shutdown 66 and Puritans;
the Alohas - the most powerful punk-surf!!!
Danny McDonald - some kind of fierce punk-country;
Mexico City - one of the favorite songs on this compilation! (I can listen to such things for hours!...) A heavy, viscous and swinging blues!;
Thee Psycho Delmatics - not without Cramps again. The highest rate!
I'll repeat that it is the excellent compilation which it is possible not only to listen but to perceive as the guide to action.

V/A "Beanbag Aesthetics" 2CD (Pink.dot; PO Box 718 Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216 Australia; amin@pinkdot.org ; http://www.pinkdot.org )
It is a very rare case when the original form correspond to non-ordinary content! Firstly, some words about the form: a very massive double-disk box, through the transparent sides it is possible to see plenty of foam plastic balls. Except them there are two 3'' disks and some paper included. It looks so non-ordinary that this CD was reviewed in the section "Sleeve Design" of the Australian magazine Cyclic Defrost ( http://www.cyclicdefrost.com/review.php?review=475&q ).
Now it's time to talk about the musical contest. The first disk is named "Beanbag" and consists of 13 tracks of various artists working in so called Beanbag-style (I would characterise it as brutal mocking for listeners lounge!). The most part of the names is known by the promo-compilation from Pink.dot Records. But in many cases I wish to have more detailed introduction (I don't want even to talk that one of my friends consider all these bands to be the projects of one man - Amin Javanmard himself (aka DJ Minster, the owner of Pink.dot Records)!). On the second disk, named "Aesthetics" there are 99 tenseconds compositions, which are ideal to be listened randomly. (My friend who wanted to copy this disk from me was shocked while started to re-write the track list!!! I remember the same situation with one punk-hardcore-7'' on which there were approx. a half-hundred bands!... Oh, poor "music-collectors" which like to write down all tags and names!). It is listened more heavy than the first disk but more whole. In general, it is a brilliant innovatory work with the perspective for future. May be we are the witnesses of the birth of a new direction in the music. Well, as for me, I am curious and I'll wait impatiently for the continuation!

V/A "Bored Teenagers vol.3" (Bin Liner Records; PO Box 18, Midhurst, West Sussex GU29 9YU England; dizzydetour@btinternet.com; www.detour-records.co.uk)
After a couple of compilations of rare and unknown garage punk-rock heard by me several years ago, I have drawn a conclusion: everything more or less acceptable have been already foud and released! Nowdays, under a kind of curiosities they try to give us nobody necessary shit and even got money for that!
This most magnificent collection of early British punk, practically, unknown to the wide listenners - with it's potential it can overtake a significant part of modern punk-releases! Except for certainly important informative part (in the booklet there is a small story about each group and a photo), the most important on this disk is music: 16 real hits (with inexpressible taste of the English punk of the end of '70!!!) from ten bands which sunk into oblivion.
I can't and I won't to allocate any of it - I LIKE ALL the bands (by the way, does anybody remember the pioneers of punk-ska the Offs? Two tracks by No Way should please you ...)
Yes, you will laugh, but I'll tell you that these bands have really fresh ideas and not unostentatious melody!...
The resume: a magnificent gift both for a punk-gourmet and for all fans interested in unusual and original music.
PS: the fourth part prepares to be released!!!

V/A "Dragstrip Riot. Upsetter Compilation #3" (Upsetter All Star; 31 rue A.Barine, 17000 La Rochelle, France; http://rockstar2.free.fr/bart; upsetter_all_star@hotmail.com)
The compact disc is applied to the third number of the magazine The Upsetter which in turn is released by Bart from Flying Over (and he is also the chief of the label Upsetter All Star).
Now about the disk itself: it is a powerful 22-songs compilation of garage-punk-n-roll from all over the world, it has reminded me the compilation "Pizza and Cokeep released by Barny from Incognito Records. While magazines such as Ox or Punk Rawk try to release on the CD-compilation applied to magazine all possible shit, in this case we see a result of long and careful selection - practically there are no weak places or "through passage" bands!
The Zodiac Killers, Gasolheads and the Swindlers play fast and drive punk-n-roll;
Bikini Men - "Terror Vision" - gloomy and aggressive surf. The French.
The Tommy Guns - "Are You A Boy? Are You A Girl?" is a real hit reminding early American rock-n-roll-punk of middle '70s.
Jacky Shane and The Bavarians - gloomy and hardly monotonous rock-n-roll with exciting guitar solo.
Les Viperes - French garage band with very dense and "juicy" sound.
Flying Over - their new song "Don't Fuck With Me" - at a level of the material of two previous albums.
The Good Time Charlies - French band with very "American" sound - reminds at once some bands of middle '90s from the USA.
Demolition Girl and The Strawberry Boys - an amusing song - it is similar to a mix of the garage punk with female vocal and aggressive "male" Oi!
The Stupid Cupids - fast and inventive garage with a unexpected "lyrical" insert. Very aggressive!!!
The Star and Key Of the Indian Ocean - surf with vocal slightly reminding young Lux Interrior. The very hit!
The Magnetix - "budgetary" variant of Bills Childish! Very much noisy and exciting!
Bart The Brat and The Baseball Bats - "The Witch", made in a spirit of German Trio! (do you remember their version of "Tutty Fruitty"?)
Maite Les Moules, Lutece Borgia and Tower Blocks - safely it is possible to qualify them as Oi! Powerful and rigid Tower Blocks are especially good.
It is not all yet, however, I think, you agree with me that the result of this compilation has turned out to be brilliant! The bright example of that always in punk-rock a formalistic approach loses to the fair and interested attitude. It is applicable not only to composers of compilations!

V/A"Indies Records 2002" (Indies Records: Stefanikova 8, 60200 Brno, Czech Republic; www.indiesrec.cz; indies@indiesrec.cz)
How much do I know about the Czech music? Well, practically nothing! We'll forget our memory of the childhood - Karel Gott, also HC bands Balaclava and Old Testament, Ravelin 7, immigrants Life After Life with Jim Cert and moreover Iva Bittova (opened by me in the film "Step Across the Board").
Double CD from Indies Records fills this blank a little and, at least, allows to plan some reference points (I would characterize this label as Czech analogue of Kill Rock Stars with easy preference to folk). So:
CD 1
the Frames "Star, Star" - magnificent acoustic ballad with 2 vocals (m/f).
Psi Vojaci "Prvni vrchol" - avantguard like Fred Frith (but without guitars).
Pirati "Ty s me prerizla" - DADA-istic perusal of "You Really Got Me". Super!
Boo "The Sea" - very complicated in it's construction, very difficult and interesting thing.
Ty Sycaci "Jako na zamku" - very rollicking accoustics (while listenning it is cool to learn the Czech language).
Budoar Stare Damy "Usnul dub nad stadem hub" - the drive of post-punk with female vocal.
Pirati "Satelity" (remix) - again Pirati. This time - mix of Sigue Sigue Sputnic and modern dancing techno.
Ladakh "Elfa Romeo" - something terrible in the spirit of voodoo thing (Muslimgauze under ecstasy!).
Chorchestr "Hey Gringo" - the most powerful fank, smoothly flowing in something latin, and in the end they transform into the punk at all! (in my opinion, they are joking!).
Iva Bittova & N.B.E. "Divna slecinka" - no comments! (-it's a bomb! - editor).
Cerny Mosty "Cerny koreni" - smart Rock'n'Roll. Classics!
CD 2
Jan Burian "Mravenci" - rather intricate thing, it strongly reminds the best times of Ian Dury.
Dura and Blues Club "N"lac draha" - almost "root" blues! The only thing - it is done in acoustics.
I have described hardly the half of groups and executors from this double CD.
Well, despite of simply ugly immodesty of the label's name, it is necessary to recognize that they justify it. Now, if you desire to learn about the Czech stage, you know where to address.
PS: I have not mentioned one thing: it is the compilation of bands released in 2002 by this label. How do you like their scales?

V/A "Not So Quiet On the Western Front" (Alternative Tentacles & Sonic Reducer / A.T.: P.O.Box 419092, San Francisco, CA 94141 - 9092, USA; S.R.: 1032 Irving Street, Box 340, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA)
Luxurious compilation represents punk/HC scene of San Francisco and it's countryside (Bay Area) in the beginning of 80'th. 47 bands!!! Only one third is known (D.K., Social Unrest, Capitol Punishment, Crucifix, 7 Seconds, M.D.C., Flipper, Vicious Circle, Urban Assault and etc.), all the rest are new for the punk-encyclopaedist. The very thick booklet with texts and info about the bands (In spite of the fact that the main hero of most of the songs is R.Regan, these texts can be a good example for many Russian musicians. I mean that punk and HC is an occupation for brave and very politicaly active people).
Unfortunately, it has not done without personal negative attitudes - the presence of Lennon Burger only emphasizes the fucking situation !

V/A "One Voice Compilation" (One Voice Records / Blk 126, Bishan str. 12, # 02-147, Singapore 570126 / onevoice@signet.com Old Skool Kids Records oldskoolkids@yahoo.com)
The compilation of so-called One Voice Crew - Singapore-Malazya HC - crew. They establish 9 bands from Singapore, 2 songs from each of them. They sing in English (plus all texts, the addresses and info are in the booklet - cool!), of course about extremely important subjects for today - unity and integration, resistance to violence (-!!! - editor) and children's pornography.
In the musical plan - the scatter is insignificant - from poorly expressed "old school" up to muffledly played crast. In general, it's not exactly what I've expected.

V/A "PINK.DOT Promo Sampler #1" (Pink.dot; PO Box 718 Runaway Bay, QLD, 4216 Australia; amin@pinkdot.org; http://www.pinkdot.org)
The promo-compilation from the Australian experimental label Pink.dot, which represent rather original and interesting part of modern experimental stage. Except already known Gluesniffer and DJ Minster (who is the owner of this label) there are 20 more bands and projects submitted on this CD.
First of all at once is evident that most of the bands work approximately in one and the same style: rhythmical electro-noise with plentiful radio-inserts (due to them easy lounge-mood is created). Conceptually the collection reminds production of the Vinyl Communication label and Russian Knife For Frau Muller, if they decided to play noise!
Really magnificent are "Music Is Healthy and Fine" by DJ Minster (no comments), "Acid Jam and Peanut Butter" by Jack Tenner (gloom and mockery at a jazz!) and "Doctor Rock" by Milo and Captain Quik! (noise-scratch-perversion with not identified disfigured punk-samples).
It is an ideal CD to disperse any party!

V/A Repeat Presents A Benefit Album for "Love Music. Hate Racism" (Repeat Records; www.repeatfanzine.co.uk; www.lmhr.org.uk; rosey@repeatfanzine.co.uk)
The excellent compilation, Except for the unconditional ideological implication, allowing to learn something new about present independent stage and to note some of the most interesting names. On a note are taken:
Kinesis - drive indie-punk - they are melodious and hit;
the Virgin Suicides - "Just As Dead Now" - a little inconsistent punk-rock in the spirit of '70s. A concert track;
Antihero - "Who's Looking..." - the viscous song oversaturated with sound effects - beautifully and, simultaneously, very powerfully; "Limb From Limb" - the most dense sound and almost hardcore emotions;
We Can Build You - an alloy no wave, punk and new wave. Their sound and mood are very close to the Quails (-!!!);
King Adora - a quartet already a little familiar to us; powerful and grandiose "Born To Lose" - the squall of guitars and emotions;
Impact - hardcore with rather interesting arrangements - with imagination at musicians everything is all right!
Cosy Cosy - "Oh Yeah" - the real punk-new wave-hymn: a nonstandard design of the songs, mixed vocal, a clockwork melody and a fast rhythm - it is very curious to listen to other things...;
Corporation: Blend - something unimaginably tempting! It is noisy, loudly, melodious...;
Volunteers - 100 %-s punk-rock!
As the last track goes Asian Dub Foundation - "Black & White" - magnificently! (though if it is fair, I don't share the delights of my friends concerning creativity of this band. Even on this compilation the part of bands, in my opinion, are more interesting than ADF though are not so licked by and in favor of numerous fans...)

V/A "Riot Ska" (Beer Records; 42, rue de la plante des champs, 95360 Montmagny, France; www.beer-records.com; beerrecords@aol.com)
One of the first releases of a young French label. Except for the participation in the wonderful ska-band Union Jack, the guys from the Beer Records are engaged in every possible kinds libertarian activity and, it can be very interesting to musicians of all over the world, they search and support Riot Ska-bands.
Some figures: on the compilation there are 24 songs of 14 groups from 8 countries.
I declare categorically: "NO THIRD WAVE SKA!!!!!!!!" I see it is already a little interesting to you... Mostly, the collectives submitted on the compilation, play something like extremely hit Oi! or rigid punk ska. Recollecting an echelon of the same not original ska-compilations that I've heard for the last 10 years, I recognize with pleasure - this collection "heats my soul"!
Now some personnels:
the Filaments - British, classical Oi!-hymn "Our Roots" and hit pogo-drive "Trevor" - I feel a shame a little cause I didn't know such an excellent group!...
Beans - Dutchs punk-ska a la Operation Ivy or Union Jack.
No Cash - unusual mixture of Oi! and Ska - sounds very originally!
Leftover Crack - some kind of mad ska-punk-rap-hardcore! No standards and stamps! Glory of Viktor Zintchuk obviously do not give rest to the guitarist...
Union Jack - French collective already familiar to us ("The Wolves" and "1939" both songs are from the album "This Is Rock and Roll"), due to similar bands ska does not turn to a bog!
My Own Religion - powerful ska on the verge of hardcore (nobody has imagine a word ska-core!!!)
Die Skaninchen - my favourite thing on this disk!!! Mix of NDW, ska and schizophrenic punk. Certainly Germans...
Team Spider - the magnificent laymans! Laugh at "Corporate Trash" (if competition on most crazy remix would be spent, this song would win)
Misspent Youth - the Frenchmen, really driving "Sick"!
Danes - the Movement - with a song "Control Your Temper" - rough ska with a fascinating and non-standard melody. Are very good!
In general if to put a soul into project it all turns out excellent! Essentially the compilation is sold all for 6 euros (at the average price 18-20 euros for CD in France!) though as it seems to me, similar releases deserve more serious both financial help and encouragement. Listen to this disk and agree with me!

V/A "Tombstone Park" (Reanimator Records; P.O.Box 1582, Ann Arbor, MI 48106, USA / herbert_west@hotmail.com )
A compilation. The first 9 bands are from different places in the USA and Canada, the other 9 bands are from Ann Arbor (totally: 29 songs). You will hardly find any well-known names (I hope that like me you also like to discover new names for yourself?). Large variety of style - from punk and ska to HC and surf...
I've enjoyed: Nadsat Nation - real hit in the style of british punk of 70-s (with choral Oi! refrains);
Riot Squad - two machine-gun songs (Misfits play the Ramones covers!);
the Goblins - gloomy garage-surf-theme "Murder" plus the coolest punk-hymn "Running With theBulls";
Razoreater - raw and rough Oi!-punk;
Jaxxxon Phibes - the very powerfull blues "We Need Your Head";
the Wristrockets - funny punk-rock on a crazy speed;
Lovesick - the interesting HC-song "Cornerstone";
the Brewts - "Pussy Pie" - "root" ska!
This is a real gift for those who like rarities.

V/A "Truckin In the World" (Spinefarm Records; Arkadiankatu 14 B, 00100 Helsinki Finland; www.spinefarm.fi; tapio.hopponen@spinefarm.fi)
Rather attractive compilation for those who like a variant of the American alternative rock in which conceptually mix a heap of styles at once: from the garage punk up to heavy-metal. Eight bands, from which most known are the Mutants - highly professional lounge-surf (how much instrumental surf-bands consisting of 6 (-!!!) persons you can name?!), with very much remembered and attractive sound.
Except for them: The Flamming Sideburns - punk/power-pop with a hint on Iggy Pop of the beginning of '80; Mannhai - the same Iggy Pop but already with powerful heavy-metal influence - very driving!!! Thee Ultra Bimboos - the women garage-psychodelic-quartet, somewhere in between Slumber Party and the Boonaraaas (-the best group from the disk, in my opinion!); Heaven'N'Hell - heavy and common alternative metal, with grange melodism and vocal a la young Ozzy Osborn; The Black League - very heavy punk-garage with a vocal reminding Killdozer - it is necessary to pay special attention! Lemonator - a fashionable for the last 10 years alternative rock in which critics manage to find some influences and citations... I see this music hardly easier...
All bands play for two songs (except for the Mutants - their third song is a remarkable dance-remix on their own "Caligula"). Total: 7 remarkable tracks and two new promising names. To present measures - an excellent result.

V/A "Words Will Never Be Actions" (Departure Records; 24b Alexandra Road, Farnborough, Hants, GU14 6DA, England; sidstovold@aol.com)
19-songs compilation which has conceptually reminded to me two cassette compilations from Raptured Ambitions Records of the end of '90s: the same improbable disorder of styles and directions and at the same time rather qualitative selection of songs.
Except for the traditional punk and hardcore there are: difficultly-classified Map - on boldness and innovation are close to avant-punk of the end of '70s; Stephen J with bombing "Finger On The Trigger", avantgard-Lo-Fi Steve Juxta and Quankmeyer Faergoalzia (remember Dufus?!!!); semi-emo, semi-indie Coldharbor; spoken-word's Col In Cross and Jasmine Maddock (by the way, she is a magnificent artist!). The rest 12 songs are remarkable because each of them is a potential hit and will please the choosiest fan of punk-rock.
The envelope of LP is made in such a manner that it is easily transformed to the huge poster on which backside it is possible to find out info about each band and texts of the songs.

Watch Me Burn(Vomitcore Rec./ PO Box 6488 Burbank CA, 91510-6488 USA, watchmeburn@angelfire.com)
The 3-songs CD made by the kind wizards from Deadfood, having nothing common with the last ones in the musical plan . And there is: very crazy high-speed experimental HC made in the best traditions of the Japanese radical music! At all my disgust to IN - I've madly liked W.M.B. and from my point of view - three songs is obviously very little for complete happiness.See interview!

Wheel Of Dharma "Purgatory" (www.wheelofdharma.cjb.net; punch1974@mail.ru)
Moscovites and saint-petersburgers shame on you (you are always like ahead!...), but it is most political band in Russia. In spite of the fact that in the band there are three Finns, and the vocalist looks like on a residence in Finland, a theme of all songs is war in the Chechen Republic and the Russian politics for the last ten years.
In the musical plan the band has not so changed much and plays all the same high-speed hardcore, having added, unless, high skills. Certainly, it will hardly draw attention of journalists of the "Novaya Gazeta", however, at existing position when in Russia the 60-years infantile pedophile (Eduard Limonov) is "the master of thoughts" of the modern "advanced" youth, any attempt of the sober glance on the things should be only welcomed!...See interview!

Whitey On The Moon UK "Mo' 'Tussin" 7''(Isota Records; 1442a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com)
A very artful duet (Iron Chrysalis and Butterfly Emerging)! Most of all their music reminds collages - as by the mad combination of components, and also by the marvelously integral and self-valuable result in each concrete case.
Abundance of trip-hop rhythms, east moments ("Globe Travelin'"), obvious and not very the citations from the film-classics (in humiliating psychedelic"The Curious Butterfly..." the voice of the Divine-Lagoon is persistently heard to me. Do not laugh.) and juggling by musical styles during one song - it sounds really superb!See interview!

Whitey On The Moon UK "The Noam Chomsky Spring Break" 7'' (Isota Records; 1442a, Walnut st. #230, Berkeley, CA 94709, USA; isotarecords@yahoo.com; www.isotarecords.com)
To a moment of the writing of this review this duet was named Department of Eagles.
I do not think that this change of the name will cause any changes in their musical material to the worse side...
Actually, it is considerably nonstandard and innovative music: behind the techno-rhythms and collage inserts (do you remember Kingdom Scum?) the most magnificent melodies (They have really extremely good melodies!!!) and numerous semantic implications are hidden.
I think, radical and courageous music of the third millennium should be like this!
Do not miss it!!!
PS: in a song "Flippin' Bump With Goldie" Goldie sends the regards to America...See interview!

Z/28 "Wrecks From the Highway" (£6 incl. p+p JSNTGM Records, p.o. Box 1025, Blackpool, FY3 OFA, UK; www.jsntgm.com)
For a long time I've missed good modern British punk!
Well, I'll begin with another thing... For a long time I've been trying to like the classic of mod-punk The Jam - without any success. In every even very energetic song there were a couple of pop-music moments which spoil the whole impression!
Z/28 sounds fantastically like the Jam, but no compromise with pop music at all!!!Very, very energetic, they use pieces of different styles (country, rock'a'billy, oi! & etc.). Easy musical minimalism is indemnified with excellent vocal job and numerous inserts - collages...
The song "Outlaw Machine" has made to remember about "Dead Today, Hip Hip Hooray!" Rancid Hell Spawn. I write something very strange - the Jam, rock'a'billy vocal and Rancid Hell Spawn!!!
The best recommendations for the amateurs of mod, rock'n'roll (in its most rigid interpreting) and good British punk!
PS: Why there are no texts in the booklet?!!!



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