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Alive Records - garage-punk-label. From every new release they give 2 - 3 mp3's.

Cuba Las Vegas - unbelievable mix of early Nick Cave and not addicted yet Morrison!

Drunkabilly Records - probably the best in Europe punk-garage-surf-RnR label

Dufus - Zappa, Kurehin and NYC punk rock in one tube.

Faux Jean - something like Pixies! But absolutely not like them!!!

Flitwick Records - English version of Kill Rock Stars Records (but prefer men more than women)

JSNTGM Records - very good modern British punk-label

Nicotine Records - punk-garage label from Italy. Bomb!

Offside Records - Michael Kotenko's site!!! There are english-language pages.

Smorgasbord Records - Jeff Terranova's label! HC, post-HC and all around it.

Off The Hip - VERY RECOMENDED!!! Garage label...


The Analysis - Global Alternative - Internet-magazine at Institute of Problems of Globalization. A feast of topical high-quality publicism!

www.mital-u.ch - History and the modernity of dadaism.

www.avantpunk.com - Absolutely mad maintenance and design of a site! It is necessary even to look at it... It is interesting, how they managed to snatch such a name for the site?...

www.banksy.co.uk - the political art-punk project. A decent share of crazyness!

www.sztuka-fabryka.be - the huge resource devoted to history of Mail-Art. In the same place it is possible to download the encyclopedia of Mail-Art.

www.collectorscum.com - site by Henry Weld, the Australian collector of early punk, hardcore and new wave. Except for the most detailed discography of the Australian punk, there is huge, broken on a territorial attribute, discography of American punk/new wave of the '70 - the beginning of '80 on a site.

Aural Innovations - a site devoted to kraut-rock and progressive crossed with avantguarde. Huge amount of reviews both on old and on modern releases.

Avanto Helsinki Media Art Festival - a site of annual action in which representatives of musical and graphic avant guarde from all world take part. Set of multimedia materials.

Chain D.L.K. - the hugest resource with daily update. All music in a range from electronics up to radical avant guarde.

Jerry Rubin Club - the best place in Moscow. It is better way to visit it in offline.

Paris Transatlantic - authoritative Internet-magazine telling about so-called "new music". The editor - Dan Warburton!!!

Rui Eduardo Paes - the brightest representative of a modern avant guard stage known as well as the journalist and the writer. Interviews to many stars of a modern stage, reviews and articles.

The Stuckist movement - modern radical art-movement, one of the founders of it was Billy Childish.

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