Nazis From MarsNazis From Mars

answered by Vanya Racic

Tell us, please, how the band Nazis From Mars was formed.

It's a long story, so I'll try to make it short. We are bunch of aliens who came here to destroy your music. As you can see we didn't have much success - hahaha. So we stayed here and made some music ourselves.

We started the band in 1997 and we had some changes in line-up. At the moment members of the band are:

Vanya: vocal
Branca: bass
Saicopat: guitar
Braindead: programming/synth

Tell us about the activities of the band nowadays?

We are not very productive and it takes long time till we record something - that's why we didn't release so many records in 9 years that we play. We will start recording new material soon. You can expect 2 new 7"s - one on Bankroft Records and other on Zaxxon Records - if they have enough patience to wait till we finish our recordings. After that we'll be working on our new album.

We don't do gigs at the moment and Russia is unfotunatelly too far.

Nazis From MarsWe record new songs when we want to - we hate to plan things ahead. If we think the label is OK, we let them release it, otherwise we do it ourself. We don't really have any goals. We just do what we like. We are stupid Martians who try to survive on this planet.

ОК. OK. What did influence on you creativity? Can you name any bands, books or films?

We are definitely inspired by 'Mars Attacks' - hahaha. We are inspired by everything that happens arround us, specially things we hate, politics, people that irritate us... it's a long list. Everything that happens to us,
that makes us angry or makes us laugh inspires us to write a song. We all listen to diiferent music styles and I guess you can hear that in our music. We like music from 60s till now. So it's hard to say some special
bands inspired us, there are 100s of them who did.

On your web-site I haven’t found any lyrics… What are your songs about?

We hate putting our lyrics on the site or record sleeves. If people want to know what we sing about, they should listen to our songs - we make music, we are not writing poetry. We just try to share some of our thoughts, experiences, ... with others. Some songs are angry, some are funny, some don't make much sense...

I’ve read somewhere that the Prodigy name their music techno-punk. And, imagine, not only the Prodigy but also Moby play in this style! So what is “real techno-punk

The name says it - techno punk. I don't know if Prodigy or Moby should be called techno punk - they have nothing to do with punk, Prodigy singer's haircut doesn't make him punk. Moby is stupid Jesus freak! There are lot of people who are trying to combine guitar and techno music, some try to combine punk with techno but don't have punk attitude. It's attitude that makes somebody punk, not just music. Time when music was rebelius and anti everything is gone, I'm affraid.

Nazis From MarsWhat do you do except Nazis From Mars? I’ve read you are close to the zine “No Brains” and such labels as No Brains Records and Astral Anarchy. Tell us about this projects, please.

I started Astral Anarchy, cos nobody wanted to release NFM. At that time combination of techno and guitar music was almost forbiden - at least nobody wanted to release it. No Brains records is another label I run, and it's more for garage and punk bands. I release something if I have enough money and if I like a band. In No Brains zine I just try to write about music I like and support the bands - mostly small unknown ones.

And what about Tipsypoodl Records?

That's label of our good friends Mash Gordon and we released their 1st LP together. Maybe in the future we'll do more stuff together.

What do you think about modern music? Can you point out some bands?

I must say that last 5-6 years I was not very impressed by any bands. Nothing I could see on tv or hear on radio here in Holland. One of my favourite bands - Spider Babies, split few years ago. My other favourite new
band is Motosierra from Uruguay. I also like Mash Gordon (one more electro punk band), Los Banditos (crazy surf band). The best album I heard last year is from band Mikrowelle - they sound like Kraftwerk plays surf, really great.
The biggest problem is that bands today always sound like some other known bands. Nobody does something of their own. I know it's hard to invent something new as so much is already done. Is it so hard to try to give music your own vision and not just to copy something else, somebody else's sound, looks,ideas and try to sell it to younger generations who are not very familiar with old stuff.

Tell us about the scene in Holland.

Is there one? Everything here is based on how many connections you have and if you want to lick somebody's asshole - even in underground scene. So there are lot of bands, but the good ones mostly never make it. I like Juicy Zooters!!!

Nazis From MarsIn Russia fascism is a big problem. What about it in the Netherlands?

Everybody is a fascist here, only they pretend not to be one. When you are an alien, you can feel that. Our government is fascist, queen is fascist, tv is fascist, schools are fascist. Global nazimocracy!!!

What do you think about…
- 8bit music?

What is 8beat music?

- about ideology in music?

I prefere music without ideology, or with 'fuck you' ideology. ha ha ha!

- about feminism?

I hate everybody including feminists - no matter the color of skin, male or female, religion etc ... I'm a nazi Martian.

- about copyright?

Copyrights suck. They are only there to make big stars and Sony and co. more rich. More global nazimocracy! Copyrights kill music!

What do you know about Russian music scene?

Not much, unfortunately - specialy not much about underground music. I know only stuff I can see on Music Box Russia. Dutch TV bored me so much that I bought a satelite dish. But Music Box Russia is very commercial, still more funny to watch than MTV. I think Zveri are not so bad for commercial band and I saw some good rap there.

Nazis From MarsSorry for the banal question… (please, don’t kill me for this!)… Why did you name the band Nazis From Mars? :)

Yeah I will kill you. We ARE Nazis From Mars. HA HA HA HA But I guess for Russia Red Army from Mars would fit better!

Can you tell something for our readers, please?

Everybody stay cool - hahaha just kidding. I'm not good with these things.
- don't eat meat
- don't believe in what you see on TV
- listen to Nazis From Mars - there are hidden messages in our songs that will make us control your brain.


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