The Last Bomb!

Fe-Mail УVoluptuous VulturesФ (PsychForm Records; http://www.psychform.com; http://femailmusic.com/)
The disks released on PsychForm Records are always pleasant unexpectedness for me - every new release, sent to me on reviewing, I insert into a player with an anticipation of opening of a new name and reception of improbable intellectual stimulation, each time of other sort.
Fe-Mail Ц electro-noise project of two girls - Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord. Several years ago they played in the mad improvising band SPUNK and as a duet they work together since 2000 (their debut has happened in Mecca of the similar music - in Tokyo).
Maja Ratkje has a reputation as the leader of the Norwegian noise-stage and has a unique voice. She worked with such musicians as Lasse Marhaug, John Hegre (one of the participants of the improvisatory duet Jazzkammer, and also Kaptein Kaliber, Golden Serenades and New Boiling Near The Fjords), Jaap Blonk, Ikue Mori, Otomo Yoshihide, Wolf Eyes, Matmos, Jason Forrest, Kim Hiortoy, Ulver, etc. Hild Sofie Tafjord is not less known on an experimental stage than her colleague and uses various horns more often.
Listening to the disk makes a fantastic impression! The rolled roar serves as the second plan for Уthe soloistФ puzzled combinations of strange, sometimes mysterious sounds (not without micro-wave of course). Periodically there are severely deformed voice parts by Maja Ratkje which are easy to confuse with mad pipes by Hild Sofie Tafjord. Set of intonational layers create an atmosphere not comparable with anything, unexpectedly arising melodic lines draw attention, and then dissolved, the powerful analog component creates an aura of experimental С60s and Throbbing GristleТs pioneering.
Most of all it is similar to Coil in the period of УMusic To Play In The DarkФ if it was conducted by Sun Ra.
The album УVoluptuous VulturesФ is not the first in discography of the duet. It is necessary to find their previous work together with Lasse Marhaug, the album УAll Men Are PigsФ!
(Hot stuff)


Interview with Brian from Jodie FosterТs Army

"...When we were first starting out in 1981, the punk scene was really small and there was no hardcore scene. So when we founded the band, we decided we needed to play hard and fast music that you could slam dance to and that would get you hyped to skate backyard pools. No one else was doing that in Phoenix at that time so we disrupted the Уleather jacket punksФ who just came to shows to pogo. That got us banned for life from more than a few clubs, but we eventually hooked up with Tony Victor, who booked shows at a wrestling ring called Madison Square Gardens in Phoenix (Mad Gardens for short), and we started playing a lot out of there. As for hippies, we didnТt really fight with them, but they fought with us. Back then, punk rock wasnТt really accepted like it is now, so because we were different than the status quo, we used to get hassled from just about everybody: jocks, hippies, cops, preppies, parents, teachers, you name it, they hassled usЕ"

Paul Suhor (Sector 4) Interview with Paul Suhor (Sector 4)
Anarchy has an element of ignorance to it, but as governments rape the earth and mislead people, it's inevitable. my hope is that the spiritual people, who therefore do not think in terms of the body (racist etc..) will have enough knowledge to help the world before it collapses. also i like the idea of communities in nature. an amazing way to do this is egalitarian style of living. it is almost the best of all things, anarchy, community, etc.. but it has an intelligent approach. just add the interfaith spiritual ideals in there then it would be perfect.



Nazis From MarsInterview with Nazis from Mars

I don't know if Prodigy or Moby should be called techno punk - they have nothing to do with punk, Prodigy singer's haircut doesn't make him punk. Moby is stupid Jesus freak! There are lot of people who are trying to combine guitar and techno music, some try to combine punk with techno but don't have punk attitude. It's attitude that makes somebody punk, not just music. Time when music was rebelius and anti everything is gone, I'm affraid.



MP3 of this issue: Fisher's 25 Frame "Island" (4,3 mb)

In my box

Dear Friends.
As you well know the the recent disaster due to Hurrican Katrina has been extremely devastating. Many people need our help in anyway we can give it to them. So we've decided here ( CPR Music Group ) to donate 100% of all the sales of:

CDs by Murphy Platero & Hidden Manna

Cds by Marlena Begay.

via CDBaby.com to the American Red Cross to go towards their efforts to help with the victims of the Hurrican.

You may purchase the CDs at this link and all the money will go directly to the American Red Cross.

You may already have these CDs, But please purchase one for a friend or as a Christmas gifts / birthday gift...
But Please Lets all help, and pray for our fellow Americans....Thank You and God Bless.


HELP US GET THE WORD OUT, Forward to all your contacts and family / friends.


electronically signed,


Amir-ul Kafirs

Some tenuous beginnings of P.N.T. (Perverse Number Theory):
(for all x)x = (for all x)x (Anything is Anything)
(A Double Negative As Not A Positive)
(A finite quantity represented as a set containing
an infinite quantity of its subdivisions
(such as its subdivision in terms of rational numbers)
does not equal the same finite quantity
represented as a set containing an infinite quantity
OF A DIFFERENT DEGREE of its subdivisions
(such as its subdivision in terms of irrational
m + n does not equal n + m is isomorphic to x
the ceiling of x is greater than or equal to the ceiling of the
ceiling of x
(Enough is
The Formula of the Origin of the H.M. (Hermaphrodite Mafia):
(S0+S0) = so&so (predicate: 1 + 1 = the free variable so-&-so)
interpretation 01: predicate:
The successor to zero plus the successor to zero
equals the free variable so-&-so.
interpretation 02: predicate:
Parents have produced a child
that transcends their fixed gender status.

Some tenuous beginnings of I.J.T. (Internal Jumbling Technique):
The biran of hdeas teird & selpt 'til its biarn was in a wreid
sacpe. It cvread the stlay crud on its berad & in its driay snak in the
sitan of the bran & the bran aklie.

Work will make you Free Trade,

anonymous /
David A. Bannister / Luther Blissett / Monty Cantsin / Karen Eliot /
E.G.Head / id ntity / Tim Ore / Party Teen on Couch #2 /
RATical / Alan Smithee / SpRATacus / tANGO, aLPHA cHARLIE /
1/2 of "Who is like God?s"

Documentary maker Kent Bye was making one provisionally called:
& he has a web-site on its non-progress @:

the "Whoop Up @ the Funny Farm" audio track
from the "Luther Blissett - Open Pop Star" CD
can be heard somewhere on the "social fiction" web-site @:

conceptual obstacle-course neoism: <http://www.neoism.net/>

The venerable Seven by Nine Squares may be available
in a single PDF file from:
<> (6.1 MB)

S.P.C.S.M.E.F. web-site: <http://www.fyi.net/~anon/spcsmef.html>

tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE action reports:

"History Begins Where Life Ends":

WId&moUTH tapes related text: <http://www.fyi.net/~anon/WdmUHome.html>

Audiophfile v1.0: audio excerpts from "Low Classical Usic" CD:
Track 01: "The Last CacaNadaian Attempt at a Funny Farm Era
Triple-S Variety Show" (Excerpt)
Tracks 02-12: "The 'Official' Krononautic Protectors of
Media Executives & Their Families Orgestra (Take 2)"
& Track 52: "Volunteers Collective XXV (Excerpt)"

Now available for download, Retrograde Release no. 28, February 2004:
PhonoStatic 27' cassette
Description: <http://psrf.detritus.net/volume/5/k7.html>
(direct download of 11 ogg vorbis file available on
above link)
This includes my 8:20 sped-up piano piece entitled:
"It's Not As Easy As You Might Think To Be A Pseudo-Virtuoso



N.A.A.M.C.P.: <http://www.fyi.net/~anon/naamcp.html>

Mottos & Slogans:

"Anything is Anything"
"No More Punching-Bag Clowns!"
"Neoism Now! & Then!";
"Kill Normality Before It Kills You!"
"The Revenge of the Impotent is to Try to Neuter the Fertile"
"Before You Decide Against Biting the Hand That Feeds You,
Ask Why It Has So Much Food in the First Place"
"WE are all UNEQUAL under the LAW & THAT is its PURPOSE!"
"USICIAN, Use Thyself!"


Mad Scientist / d composer / Sound Thinker / Thought Collector / As Been
PIN-UP (Postal Interaction Underground Participant) /
Headless Deadbeat of the Pup tENT Cult /
booed usician / Low Classicist / H.D.J. (Hard Disc Jockey) /
Psychopathfinder / Jack-Off-Of-All-Trades / criminally sane /
Homonymphonemiac / Practicing PromoTextual /
Air Dresser /
Sprocket Scientist / headitor & earchivist / Explicator /
Sexorcist /
Professional Resister of Character Defamation /
Proponent of Classification-Resistant What-Have-Yous /
Princess of Dorkness's Right Hand Man /
Human Attention-ExSpanDex Speculum /
Imp Activist /

social associations:

nuclear brain physics surgery's cool founder & graduate
Krononaut / Church of the SubGenius Santa / Neoast?! / Pregroperativist
talent scout for Olfactories Organized
S.S.S.B.ite (Secret Society for Strange Behaviour -ite)
(Anti-Secret Society for Strange Behaviour Asshole
member of the I.S.C.D.S. (International Stop Continental Drift Society)
1 time supporter of the ShiMo Underground
Ballooning One in the Fructiferous Society
founder & president of the N.A.A.M.C.P.
(National Association for the Advancement of Multi-Colored
co-founder of the S.P.C.S.M.E.F.
(Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Sea Monkeys
by Experimental Filmmakers)
Borderline Kneelite in the KNEEHIGHS GANG
emphatic member of the No-No Class
Street Rat Liberation Front
Money Against Capitalism
What?! Collective

"Why, if we allow them to think for themselves there would be anarchy!"
- a fictitious quote from Daniel Webster

The PRESENT of Information Storage/Retrieval
lies in understanding how to decode-from/encode-in ANY medium
(such as the surface you're reading this from)

File under DDC#040.002





"But I don't think that destroying the city center, even if the McDonald's window is a target, is the best way to show the common people your opinion..."
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ST 37
ST 37

"Major labels have contacted us in the past....Mercury, one other...I ll go ahead and send them some stuff, we never hear back...fuck em...I guess it s a bit much for them..."
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Authority Abuse
Authority Abuse

"It's total cliche. It's kind of like gang colors I guess-when you see the cover you know exactly what you are getting into before you buy the record. Does the social commentary loose it's meaning?..."
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"England's Dreaming was my response to the Queen's Golden Jubilee and all the accompanying hysteria..."
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"Modern popular culture has been totally polluted by money and music is one aspect of it that has suffered deeply..."
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"Ask them about Switzerland, they say "Yes, Sweden is a cool country, all the mountains..."
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